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Kasey Hunter has lived a lifetime and she’s only 25 years old. Her strength is what has helped her survive, but it’s also what’s kept her alone.

When Kasey loses her mother to Alzheimer’s, the few friends she hasn’t pushed away rally around her, including her co-worker at Summer’s Coffee Shop and her loyal customers at the Rusty Anchor. But Willow, the woman who annoys Kasey most, may become her best ally, despite Kasey’s objections.

Being Kasey’s friend under normal circumstances is like trying to chase the wind. But when she’s faced with information that changes everything she’s known about her past, Kasey will have to decide if she can finally let down her guard to embrace whatever promises the future holds.


*Previously published as “Understanding Kasey.”

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Giving Twitter Another Chance

I’m going to try again.

About a year ago, maybe longer, I had a Twitter account, but I shut it down, because it got so snarky.

On social media, I’m all about finding my happy place, and Twitter, at that point, was definitely NOT my happy place.

Pinterest? Happy.

Instagram? Happy.

WordPress? Mostly happy, you just have to know how to use it and avoid the trolls.

But I couldn’t seem to navigate the Twitter World without running into snark. Every where I turned, and it didn’t seem to matter who I followed. So, I closed my account. It was just too much.

But now that I am an officially published author, I figured I’d dip my toe in the Twitter pond one more time and see what comes of it.

Through Instagram and WordPress, I’ve managed to find a fairly docile community. It seems we’re all trying to connect on in a positive manner, and I can get into that.

If you have an account that you’d like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below. I’d be happy to find some friendly people to follow. Just click on the Twitter icon to follow me.

Here’s to holding my breath. Any advice for a Twitter newbie?