I Really Hate to Cook

I don’t use the word “hate” lightly, but when it comes to making dinner on a nightly basis, it’s the perfect word to use.

Unless we’re talking about baking a box of Duncan Hines brownies or a batch of chocolate chip cookies made from a tub of Tollhouse Cookie Dough, then I don’t want to make it.

All the meal planning websites and menu organizing tips won’t inspire me to actually put food to pan and cook the fool thing. Even the best meal kits services won’t help me find the motivation it takes to prepare a healthy meal for my family night after night. Now if it showed up at my door, ALREADY COOKED, then THAT would be a service I could get used to. But not a service I can afford.

And yet, somehow, I feel like I am all alone on this.

I want to WANT TO cook, if you know what I mean. I WANT to feel the desire to provide for my family. It isn’t that I’m a bad cook necessarily. My food is edible. No one has ever complained of food poisoning from eating one of my meals. I can follow a basic recipe. I can even time things so the side dishes finish at the same time as the main dish. So, it isn’t that I’m a terrible cook, or that I don’t know what I’m doing.

I just DON’T WANT TO. I know…I’m whining here. But I really can’t get past it.

When I met my husband, my mother-in-law bragged to me that all three of her boys knew how to cook, clean, iron, and even sew on a button. In fact, on our second date, my husband made me a beautiful pot roast dinner from scratch.

If I was a smart woman, right then and there, I should have pretended that I couldn’t even boil water. Then we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now, because then he would be the one cooking dinner. He’s better at it than I am. It’s a fact. (Messier, but better). But he is the main bread winner and works full time, so it isn’t fair that I ask him to cook as well. He has enough responsibility. I can’t ask him to cook when he gets home from a long day at work.

It’s become a running joke with his co-workers when I text him at 5:45 asking to pick up dinner (usually fast food). They hassle him to no end.

When I go to the grocery store, I buy for the whole week, including leftovers. But by Wednesday evening (if not before) I’ve lost all motivation to prepare any of it.

I don’t know what is wrong with me!

I’m not depressed, I’m not stressed out (unusually), I’m not even particularly lazy, except when it comes to cooking every day.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get motivated to cook dinner, I’d love to hear it. Or if anyone would like to commiserate, I’d love to hear that too.

Thanks for listening.


I Am So Over Dinner!

Maybe it’s because there are only 2 weeks left of school, or maybe it’s because the weather is finally warming up and I don’t feel trapped inside, but I AM SO OVER COOKING!

I’ve talked about cooking dinner on this blog before and how it’s probably my least favorite job to do, well that and cleaning my all white bathroom, but that’s another post.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love that my family still sits down together at the table to share a meal and talk about our day. But as far as coming up with ideas for dinner that EVERYONE AGREES ON is next to impossible. It can’t be done. And I refuse to cater to every person’s whim. If I gotta cook it, you gotta eat it. Period.

I have a Pinterest page of easy dinners, and a folder (yes, I still print things on paper) of recipes separated and categorized for easy access.

But here’s the thing…I DON’T WANT TO COOK ANYMORE! It’s exhausting!

The weird thing is that I don’t mind the grocery store. I actually like seeing if I can hit my budget every week. But when it comes to taking the time and getting motivated to actually MAKE the food, that’s where I hit the wall.

At the end of a long day, cooking is the last thing I want to do. Every week I plan out a menu and swear that I’m going to stick to it. And every week I FAIL miserably! Fast food sneaks in there right along with my laziness. It’s my Kryptonite.

If only there was Fast Food Healthy Food. I’d be all over that in a heartbeat!

For my fellow Anti-Cookers, how do get over the hump and convince yourself to just do it?