Feeling Crafty

Hello my “Crafty Friends!”

I have spent so much time writing recently, that I haven’t “made” anything in a really long time…too long. And I’m feeling restless.

I used to make stuffed animals (teddy bears and monsters), aprons, Christmas wreaths, Christmas ornaments, etc.

I usually sew or make fabric crafts. Occasionally, I’d knit a beanie or a scarf, but knitting is not my favorite, and I’m still too new to crochet to release the end product into the world.

I know there are several craft fairs coming up in the Fall and (gulp) near the holidays (can you believe we’re only a few months away?!). So, I could start making some things and potentially make some “mad money.”

But does anyone BUY hand-crafted things anymore? Does anyone even WANT hand-crafted things anymore?

I’d love some opinions on the subject.

And if nothing sells, where can I donate things?

‘Cause I gotta get my craft on! #feelingcrafty