My Heart Aches for California


I can’t believe (though I’m not surprised) that Newsom, after getting enough signatures to trigger a recall, has once again been elected as Governor of California. My heart weeps for my home state. But what I really can’t tolerate is the hate that is spewed the way of Californian’s… “they get what they deserve,” “they are idiots out there.” NO, THEY DON’T DESERVE WHAT THEY GET WHEN THEY AREN’T CHOOSING IT!

The rest of this post was originally written in December 2020. I tried to warn my east coast friends what I saw happening in Virginia as they “turned the state blue.” But they laughed at me. And as the state continues to decline, they continue to stand in wonder at “how did this happen.”

You can’t mock “Californian’s” and then go blindly down their road to destruction. I find it ridiculously absurd how people across the country criticize California, yet don’t even realize they are following lockstep with their policies.

As a Cali Ex-Pat, I feel I can speak here.

I am a third generation Californian. My grandparents, both maternal and paternal, were the ones who transplanted themselves from places like Indiana and Colorado to beautiful Southern California. And my family has been there ever since. My parents and grandparents were conservatives who believed in the American dream and worked hard for it every day of their life. I have been the only one brave enough to break out of the once beautiful Golden State.

But California is no longer the beautiful state from my grandparents’ or even my parents’ day. Since the 1960s it has been sliding into the pit and seems to get worse with every democratic policy that gets enacted. The state is criminal.

Why is gasoline averaging at $4.50/gallon, while the rest of the country enjoys prices around $3.50/gallon? Why, as soon as October hits, and the weather dips to a chilly 60 degrees (if its not an Indian summer), does the gas bill suddenly go up to $150/month when you haven’t even turned on the heater yet??!! My mom lives in a mobile home. It costs her more to heat her double-wide in California than it does to heat my three-story townhome in VA, and I get snow!! Their taxes supposedly pay for street improvements while the streets continue to lay in rubble. The state tax rate is 7.25%! And I have NO IDEA where that money is going except back to the politicians.

Believe it or not, there is a HUGE conservative population out there. But the political system is so corrupt, their voices NEVER get heard. I have no proof (I’m not an investigator), I just know what I’ve lived. Elections get called before the polls are even closed. Legislation gets passed quietly on a Friday evening ALL THE TIME. Politicians like Pelosi and Maxine Waters get suspiciously “re-elected” year after year and don’t even live in their districts. And now we can add to that list, Newsom. Is it any coincidence he’s Nancy’s nephew? Probably not.

The schools are a joke (no offense to the teachers – most of them are doing the best they can). But the Unions have more power than they ever have before. When we moved to Northern VA ten years ago, my then nine-year-old daughter was behind, because California schools just kept passing her along without alerting us, thanks to “No Child Left Behind.” We live (now) in one of the best school districts in the country. However, they are making policy changes (that no one gets to vote on) that are NOT in the children’s best EDUCATIONAL interest. I can see EXACTLY where this is going. I thank God my daughter graduated and my son will be out of high school in a few years. If I had little kids, I don’t know what we would do, except maybe move again.

I just have to wonder, that while the rest of America criticizes California, they don’t even notice their own states are following California’s playbook. Laws are passed quietly or worse, they are worded so confusing that people have no idea whether a ‘yes’ vote or a ‘no’ vote means what they think it does. It’s done on purpose.

Years ago, in the 70s and 80s California was one place where the middle class could live affordably. Not anymore. They are systematically trying to wipe out the middle class. And if Biden’s election is confirmed, don’t think it won’t happen to your state. Yeah, yeah, I know, the tax hike is supposed to be for those making over $400,000. I don’t believe it. That just means more loopholes for the wealthy to figure out, leaving the middle and middle-lower class to pick up the slack. Too poor to afford the cost of living, too wealthy to get any help. Not to mention, on Biden’s website, his plan is for more UNION JOBS for the middle class. Really? Union Jobs? Most middle class jobs are NOT union jobs. Biden is so out of touch, he doesn’t even know what the middle class is.

I only hope that God has a plan bigger than we can imagine. I don’t think we’ll become a socialist nation, though they might try. But I do think life is going to be hard for the next four years. And on the heels of a Plandemic, so many people out of work, and kids out of school, it’s not going to be easy.

So the next time you want to criticize how crazy “those Californians” are, just remember…they were once living under a very different government. There might be a reason they seem so crazy…it’s called survival.


  1. I had a small glimmer of hope that Newsom would go down, but like you am not all all surprised he didn’t. I am dismayed though by how many voted to keep him and how few Republicans didn’t bother to vote. California is hopeless, I don’t see staying here much longer.

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    • That’s why we left. The climate is wonderful, and I love my friends and family there, but even most of our friends have moved out, and others are on the way, especially after this. Even our old church has changed leadership and membership. Now Northern VA is going the same way. I’m not sure where to go from here. Time to build the Village! LOL!

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  2. I’m sad for California too, I wish I could leave, been here for 30 yrs and have seen it get worse and worse. I think the recall was rigged (as usual), I know many who wanted him recalled, so disappointed.

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    • Considering all the things I heard about people going to the polls to vote and the poll workers telling them they had already voted, and my own experiences, I agree that it was probably rigged. Hoping something changes there. It used to be such a nice place to live.

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  3. Sad day for Californians indeed. Their current political landscape seems a lot like when I lived in Chicago. Voting in a Republican mayor was about as likely as voting in a unicorn. Although, there is hope. I think Newson might get ousted when his term is up.

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