Where are your groceries…a PSA


I’m sure all of you have noticed the empty or sparse shelves at the grocery store. Before the MSM, the conspiracy theorists, etc. start the rumors (some already have) I just wanted to let you know what’s happening and maybe we can avoid the Great Toilet Paper Hoard of 2020.

Here’s what I know, from being on the “inside” and working in the grocery industry.


People don’t want “general labor” jobs anymore (especially after a taste of COVID-inspired unemployment). And why would they? I have a friend who was laid off at McDonald’s in 2020. She was making over $3600/month on unemployment. Why would she want to go back to work?

We’ve seen a huge uptick in Instacart workers and the like at the store. Many of whom, by the way, act like they have never set foot in a grocery store before because they can’t find anything! But that’s a different post. Don’t get me started. I suspect the reason for this is that you can be “under-employed” and still collect unemployment. Some, not all, are working the system.

THE GROCERY CLERKS AND GROCERY MANAGERS HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT IS SHIPPED TO THEM. On any giving day, in one department, there can be more than 200 items missing that never got shipped. Sometimes its the grocery warehouse problem, sometimes its a vendor issue. WE DON’T KNOW, so please don’t ask if it’s in the back. We are working as fast as we can to get things onto the shelves for customers.

The same goes for the restaurant industries. I’ve heard that SYSCO, a restaurant supply company, is having the same issues. Again, it’s an employee shortage, NOT a food shortage. Please help me squelch any rumors as to such before people start to freak out again.

That’s what I know. I figured you could use a little bit of truth.

Please be patient with people in the food industries, including wait staff, grocery clerks, big box stores, and especially small businesses. We can get through this if we work together and are patient and kind to one another. There’s enough to go around. Just be patient. Thanks for your compassion.


  1. Welcome to Socialism! It’s this deincentivizing that led to mass starvation in communist countries.

    Our governor ended the extended unemployment benefits a couple of months ago and employment went up again in local businesses. It’s still what you’re talking about in grocery stores because of the blue states and the insane policies of the current Federal government.

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  2. I wrote a post about this very thing about a month ago–the fact that nothing much is getting done or being offered because no one wants to work because the Government is offering a numbing agent of free cash…but that free cash will come with a massive consequence.
    Nothing comes for free…the pied pipper will come calling for his due….

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