Stop Experimenting with Our Kids!


I’m going to sound old, but back in my day (there, I said it) my parents thought that the “New Math” was bad. If you’re a GenX-er, you might remember that experiment that failed miserably.

But for the last couple of years, a world of experimentation has been opened up on our kids, and there doesn’t seem to be any limit as to who is setting the boundaries.

They took away learning cursive because who needs to learn to write anyways, right? Uh, how about signing a document? Signing your ID? I know teens that are making their signature a symbol, or their first name and last initial. If Prince could do it, why not them? Uh, because a symbol or first name can easily be forged. But what do I know, I’m practically a Boomer?

The next step? Let’s take away writing all together! No! There is scientific evidence against this. According to an article on “…the physical act of writing brings the information to the forefront and triggers your brain to pay close attention.” It’s the reasons when you write out a grocery list, then accidentally leave it on the counter when you go to the store, you can remember most of what was on the list. I think after a year of distance learning, parents everywhere have figured this out. The “screen” can’t keep kids engaged and interested in learning for very long before they are distracted. But if they were in a classroom, with a paper and pen/pencil, where they had to show their work, they’d stay engaged and probably learn a little more. Even though I am reluctant to send my teen back to school because of all the agendas they are teaching, my son begged me to go back. He said he can’t do online learning again. Even he knows he can’t stay focused.

And speaking of agendas, there’s another experiment. Whether you agree with CRT, equity, whatever you want to call it, it’s a big experiment. I even read where one school district said they would try it for a year and see how it goes. And what if it fails? Then you’ve just wasted a whole year of our children’s education on your “experimental theory” AT THE CHILDREN’S EXPENSE! And you used MY tax dollars to do it! They’ve already lost 18 months of their regular education! For most kids, they can’t get that time back. For goodness’ sake, let’s not waste another 12 months! They can’t afford it!

A little caveat here, I know there are the rare occasions where online school works for some kids. But those kids usually have the CHOICE of online school. I’m not referring to those situations.

Stop experimenting with their mental health. I am a strong believer that though technology has opened up ways for kids to communicate, it’s also created a false sense of community. Even for adults. I love my “blogging community” and I think that a lot of us would probably be friends in real life. But, most of us (if not all) will never meet. That’s not true friendship. I dated someone who was in the military and sent overseas during our relationship. The best part of our relationship was when we were thousands of miles apart! Why? Because we only had to show our best self to each other. We weren’t in the muck and mire of life together. And that created a false sense of romance and friendship. When he got back, it went to hell. Thank goodness God had a better plan for my life. But kids don’t see that. They equate online friends with real life friends and that simply isn’t the case. So when online friends seem to suddenly “flip,” our kids are devastated and don’t understand, often blaming themselves.

Add to that lockdowns, isolation, and the stress of an uncertain world, and mental health is plummeting. According to Mental Health America , “From April to September 2020, among people who screened with moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety or depression, 70 percent reported that one of the top three things contributing to their mental health concerns was loneliness or isolation.”

I’d call that a failed experiment. Most scientists would change direction at that point. So why haven’t we? Because it’s not important enough to care? Or perhaps all the adults in charge are just as depressed as the kids and can’t see beyond their own darkness to help the kids?

No matter where you look, we are allowing school districts, government authorities, and others to experiment on our kids…to what ends? Where does it stop? When do our priorities get back in line and realize that they are depending on us to be there guides, their protectors?

I will continue to be the Mam Bear and fight for my kids. They will NOT be subjected to unauthorized experiments to complete someone’s agenda.


  1. Great post, I share your concerns!

    My girls are both adults now, youngest just turned 21 this year. I’m so glad to no longer be doing battle, trying to undo the damage schools were doing to them. Things have been nose-diving since I was in school (80’s) but things are really about as low as can be.

    You mentioned CRT. That’s the last step really. I truly believe the same people who are currently destroying our society are using CRT to finally break the children down. I think the goal of school was always indoctrination, and CRT creates the perfect, little slaves. It’s probably the most mindless thing I’ve ever seen.

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    • Agreed. I’m just so glad my youngest is in high school. If my kids were younger, I would probably homeschool, as we can’t afford private school. I can’t imagine what parents of younger kids must be going through right now. I would move, but to where? We left CA 9 years ago to come to a better school district and I feel like CA followed us. I could see it happening. It’s just so tragic, and I don’t know how it ends.

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