Guilt and Big Pharma


I’m beginning to loathe Big Pharma.

A lot of people are starting to learn the evils of Big Pharma. But a lot of us, who have chronic health conditions, have hated Big Pharma and the Big Pharma Game for years.

I absolutely hate that I am dependent on medication for the rest of my life, and I wish there were natural alternatives to my chronic condition. And I honestly don’t understand why anyone would seek the side effects and pitfalls that come with medication if they didn’t have to.

I think there was a huge shift in Big Pharma after 1983 when it became legal to advertise pharmaceuticals on TV. I suppose there have been some advantages to consumers knowing of different medication options that their doctor may not have prescribed initially. But it’s been my experience that physicians generally don’t like their patients to suggest options for their treatment or disagree with recommended treatment. I had a neurologist that had a coffee mug that read “your google search doesn’t replace my medical degree.” He’s not my neurologist anymore.

I think the worst offenders are some of the vaccines that play on parents’ fears: HPV and Meningitis B come to mind. I cringe every time I see the commercial for the HPV vaccine where they describe the HPV virus, then follow up with teenagers that turn to the camera and say, “Mom, Dad, did you know?” Yet one more thing to blame Mom and Dad for, and to play on parental guilt. The message? Get the vaccine or you are a terrible, uncaring parent.

The Meningitis B vaccine does a similar thing where it shows names of teens on the screen with the letter “B” highlighted in each name. Again, playing on parental guilt to sell their product.

How about instead, we let each parent talk to their doctor, read the information for themselves, consider their child’s risk factors and health condition and decide for themselves?

But instead, Big Pharma chooses to imply that each child is almost guaranteed to contract such illnesses without these vaccines.

Fear sells, and it sells big.

flying-2891745_640Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals raked in $26.6 billion in 2020 according to Johnson & Johnson made about 14.7 billion. According to Forbes, Pfizer-Moderna made about $35 billion. The top ten pharmaceutical companies including Novartis, Pfizer (meningitis vaccine), Abbvie and Merck (HPV vaccine) earned between $25 billion and $49 billion last year.

I’d say they might be in for a little more than “making people feel better.”

Perhaps if they stopped “selling guilt” and encouraged health decisions to be made between doctors and patients where they belong, I might have a little more respect for them…maybe.

The bottom line is this: your health decisions and your children’s health decisions should NOT be based on fear and guilt. They should be based on an informative decision between you and your physician. And if your physician is pressuring you to do something that doesn’t sit right, then find another physician. You have the right to do that too. Be your own advocate and your children’s advocate. You are the ONLY one who has their best interest at heart.

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  1. It’s scary, seeing Big Pharma, Big tech, and the MSM team up with government power-grabbers. If fear doesn’t work, use guilt. If guilt doesn’t work, insult, accuse, and get the general public to think you’re a horrible person. If that doesn’t work, pressure/coerce through mandates for employment, social events, shopping, and life… God help us.

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