Medical Discrimination – Stop the Insanity!


Oh my God! I am absolutely beside myself right now! I just heard that United Airlines (and potentially others) are offering FREE TICKETS to VACCINATED PEOPLE who are willing to upload their vaccination card to their website!!!

How is this anything but MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION!!!

Where is cancel culture now?! Why is NO ONE screaming about how unjust this is?!

There are thousands of people WHO CAN’T GET THE EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE (if that’s what you want to call it)! For those people, getting the vaccine IS NOT A CHOICE!

Could you imagine the outrage if United had a contest to give away free tickets for people who only made over $100,000 a year if they would upload their tax info???

Or what if they had a contest that ONLY certain ethnicities were allowed to participate??!!

Or ONLY WOMEN, or people without children, or a myriad of thousands of other instances where YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES WERE NOT YOUR CHOICE??!!

Coercing people with rewards and separating them things NOT IN THEIR CONTROL SI DISCRIMINATION!!!

The only ones I see trying to fight this right now are America’s Frontline Doctors. They have a petition to stop medical discrimination and they have a legal team at the ready.

We should be suing the PANTS off these people!! I feel like I am the ONLY ONE that’s enraged about this! I am seriously shaking right now! Dear God, just come back today and put an end to this lost world!


  1. Several states, including my own, have made vaccine passports illegal. It is discrimination. And whatever happened to the medical privacy laws? The best thing to happen to United Airlines would be for people to fly on a different airline.

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    • I’m a blue state, too close to DC, so I’m bracing myself for the worst. It would be good to boycott the airlines, but it won’t happen. You should have seen how the airline guy bragged about the policy as if it was a genius idea. And the newsman followed right along suit, grinning ear to ear. Disgusting and absolutely ignorant!

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      • I’m praying for you! I used to live in a blue state (Chicago, IL). I love Chicago, my home away from home, but I’m very glad I’m not there now.

        What’s interesting is that we’re actually seeing the genius of our constitutional republic being played out right now. It has become an case in point on which governing philosophy actually works and which doesn’t. All you have to do is compare the current freedom, prosperity, and lifestyles of California to Florida, or compare New York to Texas. If anyone were honest, they would utterly reject the crazy policies of the woke radical left, based on the current empirical evidence.

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      • Thanks for the prayers. We moved from California to Virginia in 2012. From what I understand, VA used to be a red state, until a few years ago when they ran their “Turn the State Blue” campaign. So basically, I went from the frying pan into the fire. If there’s one thing the left is good at, it’s fundraising and getting their commercials out there. For every commercial I see for a Democratic candidate, I see maybe one for a Republican. We won’t be retiring here, that’s for sure.

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      • Yes, you’re right. Virginia used to be a red state. And it’s true the left is better at fundraising because they are activists, whereas, so many conservatives are not. They’re just regular people, some own businesses, etc. But I think the woke have awakened a lot of people, both liberal and conservative, so there are hopeful signs.

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  2. Last night on the local news I heard that a major hospital in our city is now requiring all employees to be “vaccinated.” This morning they added that there will be exemptions for medical and religious reasons. How sweet of them. (avoiding a lawsuit?)

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