Cancel Culture Rant

I wrote about banning Dr. Seuss a few days ago, and it still has me steamed. Now it seems that they won’t be publishing 6 of Dr. Seuss’ books anymore. In fact, if you go on Amazon, you can’t find them. And Barnes & Noble says they are “unavailable – temporarily out of print.” No doubt they are trying to figure out what the heck to do without making too many people mad. Or perhaps everyone has gone online to buy those particular titles and that’s why they are sold out.

The first draft of this post was very different. I wanted to talk about how book banning is a slippery slope, and how, being an author, the subject is near and dear to my heart. Also, about how I would hate to be judged because my books are about female characters who are predominantly white and how I wouldn’t want to be accused of “white supremacy” because there are “too many white characters” in my books (which is one thing they said about Dr. Seuss). Guess what?! I’m a white female! It’s my life experience. I didn’t choose to be white, I just am.

But then I thought about it and realized that the people doing the accusing need to be held accountable. I’ve had it with this Cancel Culture Cr**! Enough is enough! I’m not going to let them bully me or anyone else anymore. And you shouldn’t either.

Instead of cowering to their demands, let take a different approach.

How about we look into the past of those doing the cancelling: their writings, things that may have been uttered between friends, a social media post, an essay for school, a poem, a joke, anything else you can think of that may have been a part of the person they’ve become? Do the “Cancellers” really believe that they are so far above the fray, that they haven’t made a mistake, that they haven’t uttered an offensive phrase, that they haven’t lived in a way that was appropriate to the time but may not be appropriate nowadays? I dare them to throw their cards on the table…ALL OF THEM. Let’s pick through the rubble of their lives and see what we find. NO ONE, and I mean NOT A SINGLE ONE could pass their own “cancel standards.”

Book banning and silencing people is dangerous. It’s a slippery slope that gets slicker with age. Just ask the German’s who listened to Hitler. Oh, wait…you can’t.

I propose that every time someone “cancels” something (or someone), we turn the tables on them. The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) was who decided that Dr. Seuss was racist. Let’s open their files, see what they’ve said and done. I mean, if we are going to keep track of people, then let’s do this thing!

The Loudoun County School District is who opened this can of worms. How about we look into everything the school board members have said and done since they were born? Think they will be blameless? I doubt it. I bet they didn’t make it through last week without offending someone!

Hollywood? Political figures? We’ll have a field day! Turn Ricky Gervais loose on these people and they will be crying in their closets regretting every word they ever said.

I am not one for revenge. I generally like to leave that up to God. And I know he will handle it.

I am tired of this world. It’s not the kind of place I want my children to be exposed to. I want my children to know that no matter what mistake they’ve made, they can be forgiven. Not that they will be watched for every word they speak, every emotion they feel, every opinion they express, and then punished accordingly. And I have no idea what kind of person would want to live in that kind of world?! Their ego’s must be HUGE!

Will you stand with me against Cancel Culture?


  1. I hear you, Lisa. As a white female author, I write from my own experience, too. I can’t help thinking if I tried to write from a minority point of view, I would be told I had no right to presume to represent that demographic. When people are determined to be offended, chances are they will be.

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    • Exactly. If you are looking for racism, you will find it. If you look BEYOND racism you will find the TRUTH. I think “The Sneetches” proves that point. I have had enough of this. It’s so sad that with this Dr. Seuss thing we are continuing to push adult issues on our innocent children. Getting closer and closer to pulling my kid out of school.


  2. I caught your blog via Citizen Tom. I totally hear your frustration, Lisa! As you know from my own blog, we need to fight this and educate people to the evils of this neo-Marxist ideology of Cancel Culture and Identity Politics.

    I will cherish my Dr. Seuss books and read them to my grandchildren! The good news is that even liberals are pushing back on this tyrannical overreach of the Woke left. We all, conservatives and freedom-loving liberals, need to band together to stop it before it’s too late. In the meantime, if I had kids in school, I would definitely either homeschool them or send them to a good private school. Even if it bankrupted me.

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    • I am so glad my youngest is in high school. I couldn’t imagine facing this craziness with little ones. My heart goes out to parents of younger kids or those with special needs.


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