Victims of Advertising

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we are being sold a “bill of goods” ALL THE TIME, in EVERY ASPECT of our lives now.

Need a new church? Come to our church! We’re the holiest!

Need a cure for whatever ails you? Our drug cures psoriasis, Crohn’s and whatever else you can throw in there.

Need new car…a new book…a better pillow…a better life? We’ve got the cure!

Need a better government? Come on over to our party, we can save you from yourself!

We are inundated with noise and lies continuously…24 hours a day…7 days a week.

Do you notice that nowhere in the above graphic does it list compassion or mercy, or helpfulness?

Truly. It’s frightening.

We even have shows based on selling like “The Profit,” and “Shark Tank.” Have you ever noticed that one particular shark is always trying to get the entrepreneur to sell their soul and compromise their beliefs for the love of the all-mighty dollar?

No wonder we’re rioting in the streets, screaming at each other…our moral fiber has been replaced with buy one get one free. We even have a slogan for it…say it with me…”BOGO!”

We’re starting to look an awful lot like the people from the movie “WALL-E.”

I too, have considered the trickery of advertising to sell my novels. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. Though I’ve wanted to do it as more of an expose than anything, just to prove a point. Call it a fault, but it’s why I just can’t stay quiet. That’s also why I will remain a poor, undiscovered author.

Here’s another movie reference for you. I feel a bit like Teri Garr’s character in “Mr. Mom” when she was nearly laughed out of the board room for her advertising approach to sell Schooner Tuna. But I think she was on to something.

We need to know companies and governments and Big Parma are WITH us, and not what they can do TO us. There’s a huge difference.

Think about. Just try to name any organization, any product that hasn’t slaughtered itself for sales.

But there is hope. We just need to get back to loving each other and stop categorizing ourselves. We need to not let the “Big Guys” win. I, for one, refuse to let them change me any more than they already have.