What About the Rest of Us?

Dear Rioters and those trying to Dismantle America,

DISCLAIMER: Before you want to jump on my back about “right to protest,” blah, blah blah, this isn’t directed at you. If you are PEACEFULLY protesting for what you believe without blocking traffic or causing pain to other’s safety or livelihoods, I’m NOT talking to you.

But what about the rest of us?

What about us law abiding citizens who, if we want a statue taken down, we go through the proper channels?

What about those of us who want to be able to pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1 and have someone equipped to handle the situation show up to HELP?

What about those of us who may be rethinking day trips or vacation plans because we may inadvertently drive down a road blocked by angry and potentially violent protesters and be caught in their wrath? And, by the way, BLOCKING A ROAD and INTERFERING WITH COMMERCE IS ILLEGAL!

What about those of us who have respect for public property and would never think of destroying it?

What about those of us whose hearts may break for victims of racism but won’t say anything for fear of having their opinion twisted and called a racist because they don’t agree with how YOU are going about things?

What about those of us who just want to live and let live? Who have respect for their fellow man, blue, red, green, whatever the color, but their opinion doesn’t count because we are white?

What about the rest of us who see what our leaders are doing, stepping back from their civic obligation to protect and enforce the law, not MAKE THE LAWS without the people’s approval?

What about the rest of us that are sick and tired of the lies and the games and know the system is broken, but also know that there is a right way and a wrong way to get things accomplished, and VIOLENCE IS NOT IT?

What about the RIGHTS OF THE REST OF US? Don’t pretend that you are doing these things to improve our country. You are doing this because you HATE America and everything it stands for. You are giving in to your sin nature. No, that’s too kind. You have let your vile and detestable sin nature run wild. Your selfishness knows no bounds.

How do the rest of us explain this to our children when we can’t even make sense of it as adults?

What about the rest of us, who outnumber you 1000 to 1 (and probably more), how do we put a stop to this madness?

Does anyone else find it ironic that Independence Day is this weekend and it has been cancelled?

I pray to God that someone stands up and restores order to this Wild West before it’s too late.