Why I Write “Feel Good Fiction”

Life can be hard.

Sometimes it seems that we are a population obsessed with consuming bad news, gossip, scandal, fear and hate faster than we can even get to the end of the story.

Our kids are inundated with negative images that we, as parents, can hardly keep up with. We like to think we know what they watch and what they’re doing, but do we really?

And as adults, we’re faced with hard decisions every day. We have to fight with customer service just to get what we pay for. I can’t tell you how many times I want to scream “Just do your job!”

So, in all that negativity, I want to bring some hope and an uplifting message in every novel I write.

I love to write about characters that are deeply flawed but have a heart of gold. They usually just don’t realize it. I don’t write about vampires or twisted love triangles, though I know there’s a huge market for those books and there’s nothing wrong with those books if that’s your thing.

In my women’s fiction novels, “Hope for Haley” and “Chasing the Wind,” I write about real people that we can relate to, usually women, though I’m not afraid to include male characters in the mix. However, the male characters usually take on a role of the fatherly or brotherly role.

My romance novels, “Love at Crystal Lake” and “Her Past Remains,” are clean and light romance. Think “Hallmark Movies.”

When you read my novels, you can expect to see your sisters, your friends, your mothers on the pages before you. They build one another up, they don’t tear each other down. Most of my characters are strong in their own ways. But if they aren’t strong, and are struggling, then they have friends that they can count on to support them.

I write “Feel Good” fiction because it’s what I like to read. I want to root for the underdog when it looks like she has nothing left to lose. I want to cheer her on as she reaches beyond what she thought she could achieve.

I write “Feel Good” fiction because I want the world to be a better place, and it’s a tiny way that I can contribute.

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