When Was the Last Time You Laughed

Before all this quarantine nonsense began, (and now that all the protesting has turned to rioting) I was noticing how a large portion of our younger generation seems to have lost their sense of humor. A lot of them (not all) are such downers.

But it isn’t necessarily their fault.

What can we expect: they grew up under “politically correct oppression?” They don’t find humor in the mundane or even in misfortune. They don’t know how to laugh through the pain. They don’t find humor in their own heritage. To do so would be insensitive. “People have died because of such and such…” “You can’t joke about something so sensitive…” Really?

How do you think comedy was born? A lot of comedians come from hard lives or have had difficult circumstances to overcome, and they did through their humor.

Let me see…I’ve been epileptic all my life. And as “tragic” as the disorder can be, sometimes you just have to laugh. Like the time I had a death grip on my coffee while I was having an episode, and I was spilling it on myself. My friend told me to give her the cup, and I told her to go ahead and take it, but she couldn’t because in my current state, I wouldn’t loosen my grip. No one was hurt, and we had a good laugh when I came to. There have been lots of incidents like that since then. Or when my father, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, would argue with my young daughter over picture books whether they were looking at a squirrel or a mouse. Is it tragic? Yes…if you let it be that way. But if you see tragedy if every detail of life, then you are carving out a very dismal life for yourself.

I’m NOT telling you to laugh at other’s misfortune. But there can be joy in the midst of horrible circumstances. There can be joyous outcomes from horrible beginnings.

But sometimes you have to teach yourself to laugh, otherwise you will only cry.

Perhaps that why we have a whole generation run amuck with anxiety and depression. They are so afraid to offend someone, or say something incorrect, that they sit paralyzed to let themselves smile.

And speaking of paralyzed, a friend of mine who is a quadriplegic, finds humor in the weird things his body does all the time, including random muscle twitches that cause him to fling his food across the room. Funny, right? He thinks so.

So, to my younger counterparts…relax. Life shouldn’t be so serious. You are going to screw up. You’re going to offend someone. But you’re going to miss out on a lot of joy if all you see is tragedy in the midst of the storm. Especially right now. Learn to weather through it, and don’t forget to laugh.

Laughter is like the valve on a pressure cooker, letting a little bit of pressure off a little at a time.

And in the meantime, enjoy a little DryBar Comedy from K-von. It’s clean comedy.



  1. One of the best things my husband has done for me is teaching me to laugh at myself. I remember the day I realized I could be hurt by his affectionate teasing, or I could laugh along and enjoy it. I’ve got to the point where I can get in a few zingers back. A regular comedy team, we are. 😆
    P.S. I love the Dry Bar!

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