Having An Accountability Partner

I’ve written on this blog before about my struggle with the convenience of fast food, and my hatred of cooking, and how the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

Sometimes I don’t even really want the fast food, but it’s the FOMO (fear of missing out) that makes me want it from this one particular fast food chain. Like when I’ve just finished running errands and it happens to be around lunch time on a weekend, and we just happen to be driving right past the fast food restaurant of choice (confession: it’s not really a coincidence). I can’t help myself. It’s a sickness, I’m sure.

Recently, my son confessed that he was having trouble with his own personal issue of control and feeling really bad about himself. So, I confessed to him about my lack of control with this one particular fast food restaurant.

We came up with a plan: hold each other accountable, without shame, and without humiliation. That’s a major key component to having an accountability partner…no shame. We all get weak, we all struggle, and we all fail. And knowing you have someone to hold you accountable, in love, can help keep you strong.

I’d like to report that since we started doing this, we have both been tempted by our own particular shortcomings. But we’re trying. And as I texted my husband to pick up dinner on the way home (I’ve got a bad cold and refuse to cook tonight), he sarcastically texted back “No, talk to your accountability partner.”

I laughed, and then I consulted with my son. He reminded me that we could have OTHER fast food, just not this one particular restaurant. And then he gave me his order. LOL

Perhaps I’m giving my 13-year-old too much power (I say that sarcastically), but I’m also giving him responsibility and teaching him how our actions matter to other people.

Thank goodness I specified it was only ONE restaurant, right? Enjoy your dinner!