Do Your Job!

Sorry, a bit of a rant here. But I know most of you can relate.

Customer Service seems to be a thing of the past. So does pride in your job. Over the past few months, it seems that I have done nothing but follow-up on other people’s promises to do THEIR job. I’m not talking about fixing the roof, or restoring the Mona Lisa.

I’m talking simple, mundane jobs. This was my burger I got from the drive-thru this weekend…notice anything wrong? NO BOTTOM BUN! Which made the burger stick to the carton because of the melted cheese. I posted this on Twitter to which I got an apology from the fast food company, but no offer for a free burger. Not surprised.

Last Thursday, I had a large amount of RECYCLE sitting out on the curb, because the week before they didn’t pick up due to the weather. Well, I have even more this week because they SKIPPED MY HOUSE! No one else’s, just mine.

This morning, the trash was out on the curb before 7am just like it’s supposed to be, and guess what? They didn’t take my trash! Again, the only one! It isn’t like my house is hidden or anything…it’s the first and last one they see in the cul-de-sac which is probably contributing to the problem.

To add insult to injury, when I called the trash company I was put on hold (no surprise there) and was #20 in the queue! I got all the way up to #4 and got cut off! I called back. That time, I was #22 in the queue, and after 15 minutes they answered. No promise to pick it up, and worse case scenario they’d pick it up on Thursday…the NEXT trash day. Gee, thanks for nothin’.

I tell you, it’s just exhausting. Every time I call on a company to do business, whether it’s the cable company, the trash company, the bank, the school, doctors, it doesn’t matter. I don’t trust ANY OF THEM to do their job. I have become a master at research and follow up. I’m thinking about hiring myself out to clean up other people’s stuff. I know some of you can relate.

What happened to customer service? Could it be that because we are never face to face with anyone or ever held accountable, that we don’t give a darn anymore? So long as we’re getting a paycheck, who cares whether the customer is happy or not. There will always be another customer to fill their shoes.

This is most evident with the cable/internet companies. Do they give long-time loyal customers discounts? No. They raise their rates. Why? Because they expect you to leave. They don’t care if you stay. It’s all about “customer acquisition” NOT “customer retention” anymore.

I guess I’m an old sole. I don’t throw things away: I try to fix them. I don’t dispose of clothes or toys: I hand them down. And I don’t toss people aside either: I establish relationships.

What about you?

If I make bumper stickers and coffee mugs with the slogan “Do Your Job,” do you want one too? Taking orders soon. LOL