Why I Still Send Christmas Cards

Every year I get fewer and fewer Christmas cards. I don’t think it’s anything personally directed at my personality…at least I hope not. LOL I think it’s just a sign of the times.

I’m old enough to remember life WITHOUT email and Facebook and Twitter. I remember my parents hanging a ribbon from one corner of the family room to the other, and then displaying all the Christmas cards they received. I remember helping address and stamp our outgoing cards for my mom. It was part of the Christmas tradition, along with baking cookies, and decorating the tree, and wrapping presents.

Today, getting anything in the mailbox, other than an advertisement or a bill, is almost unheard of. Sometimes I don’t go to my own mailbox for days because I know there’s NOTHING of interest in there for me.

But I’m a fan of the written word. I’m a word geek. Just don’t judge my handwriting…since we type everything now, my penmanship has suffered. That writer’s callous on my middle finger? It’s almost non-existent.

Signing Christmas cards, and even writing a personal note inside takes time and effort. Sending out a Christmas greeting to all my contacts in Outlook? Not-so-much.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am, when I say that people actually like to get a card in the mail. Something to break up the monotony of bills and bad news that shows up daily.

Sure, it costs a little more to send out cards. It costs money for the cards (though I buy cheap), and for the stamps, and you need to plan a little more to make sure the cards get there by Christmas, and it costs you some time. But I’m making an investment in family and friends, that a blanket post on Facebook just won’t do.

And for the nay-sayers that say I’m wasting paper? Well, I have nothing to say to you, except Merry Christmas. We don’t see things the same way, and we never will. You’re Starbucks cup is also wasting paper, but whatever.

So, if you get a card from someone this year, know that it’s more than a note with a signature on a piece of card stock. It’s an investment. Read it, and enjoy it. And then recycle it if it makes you feel better.

Have a Merry Christmas! Let the madness begin!

By the way, for the extreme bargain hunters, sometimes you can even find Christmas cards at Salvation Army and Goodwill stores. Or you can make your own.


6 thoughts on “Why I Still Send Christmas Cards

  1. I just sent out mine! This year is different, we made all our Christmas cards using a cut out traced hand of our little diva to represent the Christmas tree and got her to stick stickers all over the card. Lol.

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