The Sky Is Falling…or is it?

The world seems to be living by standards set by Chicken Little…The Sky is Falling!

It feels like we’re all on edge…no matter what your belief system, your political affiliation, your socioeconomic influence, we all seem to be living like that animated chicken who sadly mistook an acorn falling on his head for the ENTIRE sky falling.

It’s all about the extreme headlines, the ratings, who can get there (where ever ‘there’ is) first. We’re all in a panic! It’s not about whether or not you’ll reach your goal, it’s about reaching your goal FIRST!

And when things don’t go our way we immediately run to the extreme of anticipating the sky to fall. We’re absolutely sure of it! And if we can just scream louder than the next guy, then we’re convinced WE can hold up the sky one more day.

I’ve got news for you…the sky is NOT falling…at least not today. And you CAN’T hold it up ON YOUR OWN.

I’m not suggesting we don’t try to change the world. I’m a writer…it’s why I write. But I am suggesting that we don’t forget to breathe. We calm down. We don’t forget ALL of our manners. Whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice…?”

I swear there are days that I think we’ve lost our collective mind!

And I am no better than the next guy – I find myself sucked into the mania at times too. And it depresses the hell out of me. And I can’t live like that. Can you? It’s exhausting!

We’ve gotten mean-spirited. Or maybe it’s just the headlines focus on the ugly parts of our world. My soul begs for “feel good” stories most days.

So to prove the sky is NOT falling, please share a brief inspirational story below. Tell me something good, something uniting, something kind. I really need to hear it.


3 thoughts on “The Sky Is Falling…or is it?

  1. Today a friend in another city encountered a frantic neighbor trying to find his dog missing for over 24 hours. Instead of going out, my friend spent an hour driving all around the neighborhood calling for the dog. When she finally heard barking, she had to go through several yards (after knocking on doors getting permission) eventually climbing a fence where she found the missing dog, then lifted all 75 pounds of him over the fence. Finding her way back to the frantic neighbor (which took some time since he was on his bicycle & she had never met him before) she said the children in the family cried when their doggie came home! They missed him so much!

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  2. I wrote about the kindness of strangers this week in my blog… how strangers still step up, whether its as simple as paying it forward in a drive thru or donating eggs for an infertile couple. Life is still good. If yesterday was the glory days, today is the hallelujah days. It’s called Fertility Godmothers: Egg Donors (and Surrogates) @

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