Why textbooks are still necessary


There are A LOT of different ways to teach and learn, and it seems every school is different for different reasons. I understand budget restraints, and different teaching styles, and I’m not a teacher, so I can only speak from a parent point of view. #momopinion


My daughter has a full schedule of classes: all the basics, History, Language Arts, Geometry, German, Health, Science…the usual.

But what she doesn’t have is textbooks. Only her History class uses a textbook. The rest of the classes use printed worksheets to work on and study from.

I understand that textbooks are expensive, but they are useful and so much more consistent when it comes to the learning material, especially for us parents.

I can’t tell you how many times my daughter has brought home geometry homework that I can’t help her with because, let’s face it, high school was A LONG time ago for me. It’s been a lot of years since I’ve had to prove “Angle-Side-Angle” or use the Pythagorean Theorem. And when she brings home a printed paper, it would be nice to have a textbook for a reference.

The same has occurred in German. I took Spanish, not German, so I’m not much help, and you can’t count on google translators to correctly translate sentences.

My kids laughed at the fact that I saved my Harbrace College Handbook, but my daughter finally appreciated it when she needed to know the difference between a compound sentence and a compound-complex sentence.

That’s why I love our public library. I’ve checked out a German to English Dictionary AND Workbook, and my daughter’s grasp of the German language improved. I also checked out an Idiot’s Guide to Geometry complete with exercises and answers. It’s starting to come back to me now, and it’s helping her too. #supportthelibrary

The “age of technology” is a marvelous thing, but it isn’t a consistent resource. Not to mention, a book never goes “offline,” and when you look up a subject in a reference book, chances are you won’t find objectionable material that you weren’t looking for. I’ve never heard of anyone getting a “virus” from a book either.

I guess I’m old fashioned, but textbooks do still have their place in school. Sometimes it’s to help the kids, and sometimes it’s to help the parents help their kids.


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