Mid-Life Observations


I have a couple more years until I reach 50…the dreaded middle age.

Now, I’m not one for making a big deal of getting older. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to physical upkeep. I don’t wear make-up, I don’t color my hair regularly, I live in sweats and t-shirts (flannels in winter)…I know, my poor husband. But he isn’t exactly working out everyday trying to impress me either. LOL

But I’m starting to notice a few things as I get closer and closer to middle age.

  1. I make noise when I get up off the floor. I mean literally. My joints creak every now and then. I have a bad knee due to a bouncy house accident (bolts and everything), and it pops and creaks from time to time.
  2. I groan more often than I used to. When taking out the trash, or reaching to pull the laundry out of the dryer, or doing some other unsavory activity, I groan a little. I’m not sure if it’s to express my displeasure, or it’s an involuntary action. Either way, I’m starting to sound like my mother.
  3. And that’s another one…I sound like my mother! Dear God, no! But it’s true. I hear things I say to my kids that sound vaguely familiar to me. And that’s when I remember where I’ve heard them before…my mom. She warned me this would happen. #momsalwaysknow
  4. I have gray hair that is growing along the edge of my forehead, and it’s about 2” long. I can’t tell if it’s growing in or breaking off. But when I blow dry my hair, it sticks straight up, and it looks like I’ve seen a ghost! #hairwoes
  5. My skin is starting to loose its elasticity…especially on my hands. It reminds me of the Stretch Armstrong Doll we had as a kid. My son likes pulling on it and watching in slowly…really slowly…go back into place. Thanks kid.
  6. Time management has gone all haywire. I go back and forth between wanting to spend time with my kids and husband, and wanting to be left alone. Okay, that may not have anything to do with middle age. #findingbalance
  7. Keeping a clean house, having dinner on the table on time, and making sure the laundry is done has lost its romantic appeal. Everyone is old enough to take care of those things on their own. It isn’t like when they were little and I HAD to do those things. They should carry their own weight, right?
  8. I find myself not understanding my kids’ humor. We don’t find the same things funny. The gap is widening, and again, I’m hearing my mother in my head.
  9. I hear myself saying “When I was young” or “when I was your age” to my kids far too often. Which is usually answered with “You just don’t understand, Mom!” I’m not the cool mom. #neverreallywas
  10. And finally, 10:00pm is my quitting time. I used to be a night person. But years of waking up early to get everyone ready for school and work have ruined that for me. Even some Friday nights I find myself ready for my pajamas at 7:30pm.

My biggest problem is I don’t know how to stop it, so I guess I better learn to embrace it. It’s just around the corner, and my husband will be there sooner than me. I do have to say that I like myself a whole lot better in my 30s and 40s than I did in my 20s, so at least there’s that. Maybe my 50s will be even better? Here’s hoping!


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