Should I Clean Up My Friend List?



I know it’s unheard of and probably morally reprehensible. But I did it. I cleaned up my Facebook Friends List.

After the events that occurred in my last post, I did some real soul searching. I know it seems silly. I realize we’re talking about Facebook for goodness sake. “Just ignore the lame comments,” you say. “Get  thicker skin.” And I agree, for the most part, but I also consider Facebook to be a communication vehicle, and I don’t appreciate people mucking it up with their criticism and trolling. #notrolls

I’m not one to give up on people, or to cut ties, just because we have different opinions. I still speak to friends that I’ve known since elementary school. I’m not sure if that’s an attribute to my character or a sign of mental illness, but it’s the way I’ve always been.

But if you’re a “troll” masquerading as a “friend,” then prepare to be cut.

When considering “Spring Cleaning” my Friend List in the middle of winter, I had to be sure that it was something I wanted to do.

Since moving across country from the town I grew up in, keeping in touch with old friend has been essential to my survival in my new surroundings. My old friends “get me” they’re my “peeps.” So, you can see where avoiding Facebook all together would be a drastic option for me.

But when I looked at my Friend List, I realized how many of those people made the list simply because we were acquaintances, or “I knew them back when,” and that was all. #norealconnections

So to make my decision, I broke it down into criteria:

  1. Have I talked to them (as in, heard their voice) in the past 5-10 years?
  2. Do we comment on each other’s Facebook pages?
  3. When they do comment, are they supportive? Am I happy to hear from them, or are their comments like nails on a chalkboard?
  4. Do we have anything in common? Would I be able to carry on a conversation if I ran into them at the mall?
  5. Do they understand the difference between opinion and fact? Do they respect others’ opinions?

As I’ve gotten older, I realize that I don’t have time for instigators or people who enjoy making life miserable for others.

I want to fill my life with positive influences in my family’s life and in my own life. #friendzone

I’m happy to say that I only “unfriended” a few people, which tells me that I’m discerning about who I surround myself with, and that’s a good thing.

Have you ever cleaned your Friend List? Did you feel bad or was it liberating? I’d love to know how it affected you.


2 thoughts on “Should I Clean Up My Friend List?

  1. Even though we’re not old friends i’m glad you didn’t unfriend me . Lol.
    I know other people ” clean house ” as well.i have so many friends on fb i don’t even communicare with so i understand what your saying.i have deleted people before,i don’t feel bad . People i don’t talk to on a regular basis.But when i do have friends posting negative or otger things i don’t care to see and it gets to be to much but i still like them , i just unfollow lol..

    Liked by 1 person

    • I won’t unfriend you Danesha because we’re friends and we respect each others opinions. We can be nice and still disagree. It’s the trolls masquerading as friends that needed to go. Unfollowing wasn’t enough. Hope things are good with you guys! 🙂


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