A Tribute to Customer Service


Anyone who works with the public in a customer-server relationship knows it can be trying at times, on both sides of the fence.

I’d like to give a shout out to all of the customer service people who take their job seriously, and to let them know that their smile and ability to do their job effectively is appreciated.

My favorites are those who I see on a regular basis, who seem to recognize me. Being friendly and polite goes a long way.

My friend and I stopped by the grocery store on our way home from lunch today, and I came across my favorite cashier, Julie. She is always friendly and cheerful, even when I can tell that she’s had a long day on her feet. Julie helped me pull a fast one on my friend, who wouldn’t let me pay for her $2.04 loaf of bread. Julie joked around with us while my friend and I fought over letting me pay for the bread. So while my friend was busy digging through her purse, I slipped Julie the money, and she rang it up before my friend could object further. Now that’s customer service.

Or there’s Susan, our family Optician, who knows my kids by name, and never hesitates to joke with them. She goes out of her way to help us choose glasses that are in our budget, while still finding a style that my kids love.

There are countless food servers, coffee baristas, retail salespeople, medical receptionists, tech support personnel, bank tellers, clerks and hundreds of other customer service people that we deal with day after day. Chances are most of us have been in a customer service position at one time or another.

In a day and age where we push buttons to select the right “option,” where we “dial by name” instead of talking to an actual person, where receptionists are few and far between, where we order anything and everything we want on-line, where human connection is dwindling, customer service is a dying art.

So “thank you” to the customer service representatives that add their own personal touch.

Have you met an exceptional customer service person that deserves a shout out? Does the personal contact keep you coming back?


3 thoughts on “A Tribute to Customer Service

  1. Great post, Lisa! I had a great customer service experience today that really made me smile. My husband and I were eating lunch at a restaurant, and they accidentally forgot my order (even though we had prepaid for it). When we politely pointed out the omission to a server, a manager came over and apologized. I smiled and told her it was no big deal – we understand that mistakes happen! Still, she insisted on giving us a free dessert to make up for it. I smiled and told her that wasn’t necessary, but she insisted. She really went above and beyond even for such a tiny error. 😊

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