Return of Math Olympiad


It’s that time of year…again. (Cue ominous music here)

Those of you who have followed my Blog for the past year, may recall my past experience with the dreaded Math Olympiad.

The Math Olympiad is a worldwide program for grades 4 through 8, wherein kids compete at the local county level with the goal of making it to the National Competition. High School students can compete at a world competition.

I want to be encouraging and give my kid every opportunity possible, including opportunities that I never had, but when I got the email asking if he wanted to participate, I made him think long and hard about it. It’s stressful, for both of us.

He’s doing word problems that TRY to trick you. Even the ones that seem straight forward never are. And I’m the one that has to try to help him practice, and, let’s face it, I’m a “word girl” not a “numbers girl.”

Most of the kids that participate are already math whizzes…they live, breathe and sleep this stuff. And the parents that run the practices rattle off the solutions as if they’re reciting their “ABC’s.”

My son and I worked on some practice problems today, and man, am I rusty! I’m thinking this may be a Father-Son project this year.

I’m proud of my son for even wanting to participate, knowing what’s coming his way. There will be frustration, and tears, and disappointment…and HE may cry a little too. But he’s a trooper, so I can be one too, right?

So keep us in your prayers. We’re going to need them!


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