The memories are still in the camera


I have years of memories stuck in my digital camera – yes, I said camera, not smartphone. #oldschool

We have all kinds of photo albums filled with pictures of my first born (born 2002) but hardly any of my second born (born 2006), because that’s when we got the digital camera, and photography changed.

I used to take pictures and then got them “developed” (remember those days?), and then spent hours writing on the backs of them and putting them into photo albums. I never got into “scrapbooking,” in part, because I never had the patience, and also because when my kids were little, I didn’t have the funds. So I bought the cheap photo albums and filled them with memories.

My kids still pull them out every once in a while to look through them, much to the chagrin of my youngest because he notices the glaring disparity between equal space in the albums. I’m know, it’s a terrible thing that happens to families with more than one child.

Needless to say, I am WAY BEHIND on getting pictures printed out. I’ve also heard the complaints from grandmothers who used to get pictures sent to them on a regular basis. And one grandmother (my mom) who isn’t computer literate can’t even see what’s posted on Facebook.

In an attempt to right my wrong, I managed to put together a yearbook (last year), of sorts, on Shutterfly but never got it printed. The problem is that I’m so far behind, the yearbook is from 2013-2014! And that’s only because I had to start somewhere. Trust me, there are gaping holes in our photographic family history between the years 2007-2013 that may never be repaired. #thelostyears

So when I got a coupon from Shutterfly offering 50% off of photo books and 101 free prints I jumped at the offer! Now, at least years 2013-2015 will be covered. Maybe after Christmas this year, I’ll manage to organize and print 2016, and then from there I’ll have to work backwards from 2013. It seems an impossible task, but I’m up for the challenge. #newyearsresolution

Am I the only one who still prefers photo ALBUMS? I think I just don’t completely trust technology – I like to be able to hold the printed photo in my hand. Of course I also prefer reading PAPER BOOKS instead of eBooks, so it could be just me.


*By the way, I’m not affiliated with Shutterfly.


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