The Results of “A New Approach to Dinner”


This is a follow-up to my previous post.

In brief, I cooked some chicken breasts, and left it up to the kids and my husband to make their own dinner, the only rule being that they had to use the chicken in their dinner.

My daughter made a “meal” out of a chicken breast, leftover black beans, and tortilla chips smothered in Rondele spreadable cheese. Nothing “green” in there, but at least there was protein.

My son cut up his chicken, grated cheddar cheese, and used the tortilla chips to make his own version of nachos. Again, no “greens,” in fact he didn’t even have any beans or salsa. But he did it himself, and used a paper plate which spared him (and me) a dish to wash.

My husband also went the “way of the nacho,” also just cheese and chicken.

I had a chicken breast and a baked potato with sour cream.

Not too bad, definitely better than fast food, but could use some improvement. But sadly, no budding “foodie” appeared before my eyes, at least not yet. #fingerstillcrossed

The Big Take-Away from my experiment? Left to their own devices, vegetables won’t make it to their plates without some encouragement. (Of course a potato can’t really be considered a very healthy vegetable either, so I’m guilty too.)

But it did take some pressure off of me, and made dinner a whole lot easier. I may actually consider doing this from time to time, but add to the rules that they need to include a vegetable…even if it’s a few carrot sticks.

Overall, it was a good experience and it gave them the responsibility and choice of what they put into their bodies, and it also showed them what it takes (sort of) to put together a meal.

I think it might build some character for them, and restore some sanity for me.


2 thoughts on “The Results of “A New Approach to Dinner”

    • Thanks for stopping by! Depending on the age of your kids (mine are 10 and 14) I highly recommend it. The best part was watching them see what they could get away with considering as “dinner!” LOL


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