A New Approach to Dinner


I hate to cook…okay, hate may be too strong. My mother always said you should never “hate” anything. But it comes awfully close.

I’m not “foodie,” unless eating the food counts. But as far as planning, creating, and cooking fabulous meals for my family goes, well, let’s just say I lean on fellow foodie bloggers for helping me survive. #thanksfoodies

Dinner time around our house is a chance to sit together and discuss our days, but it rarely involves praising the cook. In fact it’s usually a swift “mowing” of the food, and then 10 minutes later (20 minutes if I’m lucky) I’m cleaning it all up.

Tonight I got out chicken breasts for dinner, and that’s as far as I got. Nobody (except my husband) wants to eat tonight. They’d rather have “lunch-dinner,” which is our family term for making your own sandwich or heating up a frozen burrito. And I’m not far behind them. But my husband has worked a long day and is expecting hoping for a home cooked meal when he gets home. (He married the wrong gal – LOL)

Now fortunately, I have leftovers in the fridge (black beans and a rice/bean/tomato dish I made last night). We also have some fancy cheese my husband bought on a whim, crackers, tortillas, and various other “side dishes.”

So I’m trying something different tonight.

I put the chicken breasts in the oven with some olive oil, lemon wedges, garlic salt, and onion (I know the gourmets are cringing right about now). Boring, but it’s edible.

And here’s the kicker…THAT’S IT.

They are now responsible to make some sort of dinner out of whatever they can throw together, but they have to include the chicken. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. Maybe they’ll invent something worth blogging about. Maybe I even have a “foodie” right in my own household. Maybe one of them will find they actually like getting involved in the cooking process. #icandream

Ah, who am I kidding? I bet one of them will have a few bites of chicken, a chunk of cheese, and a couple of crackers and call it dinner.

What do you do when you just can’t cook another meal? I’d love to hear your creative desperation.


5 thoughts on “A New Approach to Dinner

  1. This is me every night. I don’t mind (and even enjoy) cooking occasionally, but the endless coming up with something every single night is horrid. Thankfully, my husband likes to cook so he makes dinner 1-2xs a week but we do a lot of simple things. Tonight the kids had veggies & hummus & a burrito from steak we grilled Sunday night. Easy. I’m hoping my children will get my hub’s cooking gene and be able to help with dinner prep in the near future.

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    • I’m hoping my kids get that gene too – my husband is a better cook than me. He can make dinner out of nothing. When we first started dating, his mom even made a point to tell me that he knew how to cook. Guess I should have pretended that I couldn’t boil water…would’ve made my life a lot simpler! LOL

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      • Yes! Actually…that’s what I did. I said…yeah, I don’t really cook. He didn’t mind back then, but I have had to step it up since he works for money a lot more than I do. Lol. I just hate the planning & I can’t ever get it all done at the right time — my timing is always off. One thing will be done but nothing else is ready and by the time the remainder is done, the other is cold. We eat a lot of boxed salad, too. Sigh… it all makes me tired.

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