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Thank God it’s over!!!!

I swear that I feel 100lbs lighter today. Not necessarily because who I voted for won, (that’s my own private business), but because IT’S FINALLY DONE! #decision2016

The mud-slinging, the finger-pointing, the sky is falling, the world dividing is over! And if you don’t share my opinion, I’m sorry, but we HAVE to move on.

No President is going to save us, or unite us. The President is a mere mortal who will screw things up…guaranteed. Don’t put your faith in him.

My prayer for our nation is that we can COME TOGETHER, and stop letting the media polarize us.

No matter what race, religion, or social status we are, we basically want the same things for our families. Yes, roadblocks will be thrown in our way…it’s called life. It isn’t always necessarily a personal attack. You get up, you brush yourself off, you knock down that road block and you move on. Then you reach into the rubble and help someone else with their roadblock. #payitforward

There’s been WAY TOO much whining in this nation these past few years, and I’m so done with it. Put your big girl panties on and work it out.

Your neighbor is not your enemy, unless you make it that way. They should be one of your biggest allies.

Put down your phone and reach out your hand. Be CONSTRUCTIVE not destructive. If you have a problem, then find a solution. Just to be clear, WHINING IS NOT A SOLUTION! We wouldn’t let our kids get away with that behavior, why should we accept it from our peers?

We have a new year just around the corner to start over, to make a difference, and to get involved. What are YOU going to do to make a difference? Whose voice will you be listening to?

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Back to our regularly scheduled programming

  1. Well said. I especially love this: “My prayer for this nation is that we can come together…” Oh may it be so.

    The fighting makes me sad. I see it on both sides and while each is entitled and in many ways justified for the anger, so much I’ve seem in the past week is divisive and ultimately more harmful than helpful.

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    • The fighting makes me sad too. It’s not how I’ve taught my kids that the world should be. At least Facebook has calmed down a little this week. I think social media is a huge part of why this got so big and so out of hand. Still praying.

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