Where do I put all the crap?

living-room-457793_1280I’m not one to use words like “crap,” but I don’t really know what else to call it.

I set out to clean today. But I was only minutes into it before I realized that I would need to pick-up all the crap before I could even get to the surfaces to clean them. #messyfamily

Between the paperwork that goes along with school starting (yes, I’m aware that was months ago) and with spending all of my off-time helping my husband search for a job, the house was out of control.

Now before you send me your latest organizing method, I’m not talking about needing more buckets, or bins, or organizing accoutrement, because I have all that. My family just doesn’t seem to understand how to use it!

I’m referring to getting people to just pick up after themselves! #doyourjob

There are a few things that I would assume to be logical, but apparently are not:

  1. if you’re done with it, put it away
  2. if it’s trash, throw it away
  3. if it’s yours, pick it up
  4. if you got it out of the drawer, put it back in the drawer
  5. if you haven’t finished it, don’t get out a new one until the old one is gone
  6. if you didn’t wear it, hang it back up
  7. if it’s dirty, put it in the hamper
  8. if you spilled it, wipe it up
  9. if it’s broken, fix it or toss it
  10. if you take notes, keep them in a notebook, not all over the computer desk

You think these would be self-explanatory, but you would be wrong. I spent the first several hours of my day picking up after people.

All of the clever organizing websites and pinterest are wonderful for organizing…but none of them tell you how to get people to clean up their own crap! (there’s that word again)

And then there are the things that are “in progress:” my daughter’s Halloween costume, cut out and scattered on the living room floor; my son’s latest art project half-completed on the dining room table; the order forms for the school fundraiser on the kitchen counter; the book someone is reading sitting on the coffee table; the jacket hanging on the kitchen chair that didn’t yet make it to the closet; the bag of clothes waiting to be donated…you get the idea. I know…the place sounds like a mess, doesn’t it? It is! And apparently I’m the only one who sees it! #momeyes

Needless to say, after picking up and doing laundry I only got ONE room vacuumed, and ONE counter wiped down before kids came home from school and homework started.

The kids were surprised to find a pile for each of them with their random papers and books piled on the table waiting for them to put away…BEFORE they did anything. I suspect we’ll have to start all over again tomorrow.

So, how do you control the chaos at your house? I think I failed somewhere along the way.



9 thoughts on “Where do I put all the crap?

  1. I’m not sure what the answer is, but that’s pretty much how things look around our house, too. I think I am the only person in the household who ever throws anything away. Sorry…I have no advice but if you figure out a solution, PLEASE blog about it! I need all the help I can get. 🙂

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    • I’ve even tested mine by strategically leaving a piece of paper or something on the floor just to see how long it would take them to pick it up. I ALWAYS give in and pick it up. I heard someone say once that men see the floor as a lower shelf. LOL – I think that goes for kids too.

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