10 Things that only a Mom (or Wife) can do…apparently


*Disclaimer: Or maybe it’s just at my house.

  1. Change the toilet paper roll.
  2. Make appointments (this includes doctor, home repair, parent-teacher, play dates, etc)
  3. Wait for the cable guy, the plumber, and all home repair personnel.
  4. Make school lunches, unless you’re kids are old enough to make their own.
  5. Plan for meals ahead of time.
  6. Find necessary paperwork (i.e. the home repair that just fell out of warranty, the receipt for school pictures, etc)
  7. Be the Keeper of All Schedules and then keep everyone on schedule.
  8. Notice when the trash is actually full, then nominate someone to take it out.
  9. Change the toilet paper roll…I felt it needed to be mentioned more than once.
  10. Know where the secret stash of Bandades is kept.

Now before any Dads or husbands send me nasty emails, please see my disclaimer at the top. It’s entirely possible that this is only happening at my house, but I have a sneaky suspicion it’s not. And to those Dads and husbands that resemble the list above…good for you 🙂


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