Stop the Soccer Snack Madness!


I am so over the team snack thing!

My son is 10 this year, and I thought we’d escaped it, but there’s always that ONE mom. (If you are that mom, no disrespect). #soccermomlove

But, come on! We have a team of 14 boys. That’s 14 juices and 14 snacks. Logistically it doesn’t work. Capris Sun comes in packs of 10, Water comes in packs of 6, Gatorade comes in packs of 8, not to mention the snacks…what do you get for a 9am game? Have you seen the kids’ faces when you show up with Fruit?! Trust me…the disappointment on their faces is worse than if they lose the game.

At the first game last week, it was blazing hot at our 9am game. No one brought snacks, and everyone was responsible for their own kid. Guess what? They survived…ALL of them! They all brought their own water and that was enough. And we all got out of there and on to the next part of our day quickly, and effortlessly. I even got my kid a fruit smoothie on the way home…much better than any regular soccer snack!

But then I got the email. You know the one: “Hi, I’m the team mom, and am in charge of making a snack schedule.” Seriously?! The funny thing is that I don’t think I’m alone in my opinion because NO ONE has signed up to bring snacks. No one!

I was tempted to reply to her email asking if we really needed the snacks, but I’m afraid of the “Soccer Mom Backlash” that might ensue.

What do you think? What age do you think parents should be responsible for their own snacks?

She did say it was “Voluntary,” so maybe I’ll wait and see what happens. Maybe someone else will speak up, or maybe no one will “Volunteer.”



4 thoughts on “Stop the Soccer Snack Madness!

  1. SO with you on this one. I haven’t been able to buck the list because the coach tends to pick up those weeks and I don’t want them doing that, but dammit, I’m not bringing Oreos. I’m THAT mom. The one who brings Halo oranges and Propel waters and maybe some crackers. #soccermomlove

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    • Me too. I MIGHT bring chips if it’s an afternoon game, but definitely not for the morning games. And definitely not oreos! LOL So far our coach hasn’t mentioned anything about snacks. The mom took it upon herself! LOL


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