End of Summer Confession


As I’m reading other Mom and Dad Blogs, and seeing what full summers they had with their kids, I’m feeling like I failed at the whole summer thing. I started out this summer with the best intentions.

We were going to do things, and go places, and swim everyday, and have friends over all the time. We even made a list of interesting, and local, things to do.

Working out of the home and also not driving does make for a difficult situation some times. My kids are limited, and don’t get to do some of the activities their friends get to do, so I thought making a plan for the summer would help…yeah, it didn’t help.

I tried to get them to play outside, which can be tricky since we don’t have a yard, and also because my 14-yr-old daughter is having none of it. “Outside” is not her thing.

I had planned to walk to the pool (which is almost 1 mile away) and then we had weeks of rainy afternoons and then it got hotter than blazes. Now NO ONE wants to walk to the pool.

My son did go to Vacation Bible Camp for a week, thank goodness! And I made my daughter volunteer a few days a week at the library (but the shift is only 1 to 2 hours each day) just to get her out of the house.

But you know what they did the most? Here comes the confession part…THEY PLAYED ON THE COMPUTER!!!! (A picture of me pulling out my hair would be appropriate here).

To their credit, they did skype with friends while playing Minecraft, and my daughter chatted on line with friends (whatever happened to using a phone?) so that’s sort of playing with friends, I guess, right?

The weird part about it is that I really think they’re fine with how their summer is going. Anytime I ask them if they want to do something, the answer is usually “no.” Besides, that would mean changing out of their pajamas!

So maybe I didn’t fail. Maybe they did EXACTLY what THEY planned on doing all along. Maybe summer really has changed for this generation. Or maybe we’re just unmotivated.

I guess we’ll find out how their summer really was when they get back to school and they do their first writing assignment of the school year which is always titled “What I Did for Summer.”

Here’s hoping your summer was way more exciting than mine.


2 thoughts on “End of Summer Confession

  1. The expectations of a great summer are really so full of pressure. We started out hot too, lots of plans and goals. Some of them we did, some of them we didn’t. I used the opportunity to teach my kids to appreciate the little things. If it weren’t for my damned neighbors that went to virtually every theme park in Florida all summer, it probably would’ve worked 😉

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