Looking for the New Family Car

auto-1143742We’re stressing and obsessing over finding a car …neither of which is good for the soul.

As I mentioned in a previous post, our latest hurdle to jump is our car dilemma.

Our car is 10 years old, and has been part of many family memories including driving us across country, taking us on numerous family vacations, and has been privy to many conversations (and arguments) along the way. But it’s bleeding us dry.

The repairs are getting closer together and more and more expensive, and we know it’s just a matter of time before we have to say ‘goodbye’ to our old friend. #goodriddance

Having just come out of a financial struggle, that last thing we want to do is start over with car payments. I don’t want to sacrifice our emotional comfort and our financial sanity to go into that pit again.

There’s lots and lots of car buying advice on line (probably too much). I ran across an article on Reddit about ways to pay for a used car and it made me laugh. First of all, it had to be written by someone in their early 20s.

#1 on the list was “some of us come from wealthy families, so ask your mom and dad.” Ummm…No! Not even an option for most people over 40.

There are also a lot of valid tools to use for estimating and finding the appropriate fit for your family. Edmunds.com is a great tool not only for finding a car, but for calculating payments, getting reliable car reviews, and getting further advice on the different avenues to take towards finding the right car for you and your family.

Needless to say, having not shopped for a car for 10+ years, at first I was frustrated with the whole process. Our wants are bigger than our needs. What we want is not necessarily what will keep our budget in check. #storyofmylife

Having the internet to scan through cars is something akin to pinterest. It can become an obsession…and it’s only the first weekend we’ve started looking.

I was also surprised at the lack-luster enthusiasm the sales people seemed to have. Granted, we aren’t buying the top-of-the-line, hot-off-the-assembly-line newest model, but our money is as good as the next guy’s. The last time I went car shopping, I remember being on the car lot no more than a few seconds before a sales person was right there to help us. Granted, today it was some 90 degrees outside with 150% humidity (I might be exaggerating), but still…we were there to buy, so get yourself out of the office and come help us!

Only 1 of the 4 salesmen we interacted with was polite or even bothered to pretend that he cared. Maybe he was still new and trying to impress his boss. But you can bet we’re definitely going back to that lot.

It’s only the first weekend in the potentially long search for the perfect fit and already I’m exhausted. My husband is upstairs taking a nap. And we didn’t even bring the kids with us!

Large purchases, though they should be fun, are never easy. I know the perfect car is out there. At least we can downsize and don’t have to take into account transporting things like strollers anymore.

Is buying a car something you see as exciting and fun or as a burden to get through?


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