No such thing as “extra money”


We’re rounding the corner of a long financial season at our house: unexpected surgeries, home repairs, braces, the list goes on and on. All just part of life, right?

When I paid the last payment to my daughter’s orthodontist last week, I breathed a sigh of relief. Two years of payments…DONE! There’s still another year before my son starts with his.

My husband had unexpected gall bladder surgery and an appendectomy at the end of last year, and paying off anesthesiologists, surgeons, hospitals, and all that goes into a one day hospital stay is enough to make your head spin. And like I said…it was out patient surgery!

Then there was dental work that needed to be done: fillings, crowns, and barely avoiding an implant.

So after I paid the last doctor off, I celebrated just a little in my head and made pretend plans for what I would do with all that “extra money” that would be coming our way.

And then…the car. #realitycheck

Our Saturn minivan has taken us on countless road trips and family vacations. It even got us all the way across the country when we moved. But it’s 10 years old now, amazingly still not at 100,000 miles yet, but one by one, things keep going out. This week it’s the power steering pump. It didn’t completely die yet, but it’s leaking and on it’s last leg.

So all that extra money I was dreaming with? Yeah…gone.

We’re also left with the decision of do we keep pouring money into our trusty dinosaur or do we bite off an even bigger piece of pie and get a (gulp) used car (we’d never buy new), and all that goes with it – a car payment and more expensive insurance?

When does it stop? When do you get to breathe?

I’m a firm believer that God will provide. He’s proven faithful year after year, providing in the most amazing ways. Some years have been leaner than others, and I don’t want to seem ungrateful, because I’m grateful for everything we get. #amazinggrace

I just want one day where budgeting isn’t a thing. I want to fly first class just once in my life. I want to go shopping and not look at prices (though I don’t think that would ever happen – it’s completely against my nature). When a family member calls asking for money, I want to be able to say, “How much do you need?” without even checking my bank account.  I want to donate to a cause, just because I can.

But then God reminds me that there’s a roof over my head, my kids are safe and educated (though I’m not sure how we’ll pay for college – I’m hoping He has a plan for that too), there’s food on the table, there’s a regular paycheck coming in, and we really don’t want for anything. I guess I’ve just been humbled…again.

I still would like that first class plane ticket however, just once. #stilldreaming

Do you ever think about what you’d do with “extra money?”


7 thoughts on “No such thing as “extra money”

  1. I hear husband thought he might lose his job,,tgey relocated in another state,,turns out no and he actually got a raise,,but now we find out our medical insurance is changing…doesnt seem for the better,,,there goes the extra money..
    Just saw a story on tge news the other elderly couples grandson illegally took out loans and sold their house,,while they still live there. .now tge new people idk want to move in or tge elderly couple has to pay tgem and loans ,,,tgey may have to move out..crazy… wish i had the means to help

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  2. I do dream about it! We are past the braces and club sports and college tuition. Before long, you will be too. We are still recovering from all of that financially, but one day we will have enough for some of those dreams! 🙂 Hang in there!

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