Help! My kids are taking advantage of me!


I started summer with the best intentions. I did the research, and I had a plan to keep them busy on things OTHER THAN screen time.

The problem is THEY had a plan too…and the ONLY thing on their plan was screen time!

Part of the problem is that I work part time out of the home, so they are left to their own devices (pun intended) for about 6 hours a day, 3 days a week. I’m only a room away, but I’m working and can’t really be interrupted, so other than a few breaks, I can’t really keep on top of them to do the plan we laid out for them. #structuredsummer

It’s a very liberal plan, and I thought I could trust them to follow through on their own. #wishfulthinking I’m not asking them to write a novel, or to complete Algebra 1, or to become fluent in a foreign language. All we asked was that they complete a worksheet each day, do something creative, and read for 30 minutes. And these things had to be completed WHILE I WAS WORKING. Easy, right?

Yeah, well…I think it lasted a week.

boy-110762_1920Now we’re more than halfway through summer, and they are spending my work days GLUED TO THE SCREEN. I don’t know why I’m surprised. I should have seen it coming.

But by NOT sticking to the rules, I see it as disrespectful, and that ticks me off.

So the new rule…all work (chores, worksheets, reading, etc.) must be completed BEFORE they get screen time. They weren’t happy when I laid out the new routine. Secretly, I felt a little guilty about it…I mean, it’s summer, right? But they also need some sort of structure because I know it teaches responsibility and it helps their behavior, not to mention it probably saves their eyesight too.

If you’re one of the crazies, like me, who has to have a “structured summer,” how’s it going? Have you managed to stick to your plan? What would you do differently next time?


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