I’m a “Clean Eating” Failure



I can’t take it anymore!

We’ve been eating clean for the past few months (Yeah…it’s only been a few months) to support my husband and his effort to cure or at least lessen the symptoms of his plaque psoriasis.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, his diet is sort of a vegan-paleo-vegetarian mix. No red meat, no sugar, no white foods (potatoes, white rice, pasta), no processed foods, no peppers…these are all manageable. Nearly everything in these categories has good, if not better, substitutes.

I’ve found that I actually like veggie pasta (the zucchini artichoke blend) better than plain white pasta. And I have learned to adapt to brown rice, even though it takes twice as long to make, which has been hard to change to since I’m not the biggest “planner” when it comes to cooking. Did I mention I hate to cook?

My husband has been very understanding on nights when me and the kids eat steak while he eats his bowl of soba noodles and veggies. #goodhusband

tomatoes-1476093_1280But what I wouldn’t give for a TOMATO once in a while. My husband’s diet also includes no “night shade” vegetables. Do you realize how many sauces, soups, stews, and even one dish rice and bean dinners have TOMATOES in them? Yeah! Nearly ALL of them!

And I can’t tell you how tired of CHICKEN we are…ALL of us! Even the kids are noticing it. They’ve been very good about adjusting to the new diet (my daughter hates tomatoes anyways, and my son is a light eater). But we’ve had chicken every way imaginable and I’ve discovered something…no matter what you do to it, IT STILL TASTES LIKE CHICKEN!

Pinterest has been my saving grace for recipes, but even Pinterest can’t keep up with ALL the restrictions…especially the tomatoes. I’m telling you, it’s the worst!

I am a failure. I HATE to cook…even more so now. I’ve never had to diet (yeah, I’m that girl – sorry), except I did go without sugar one year when I was early in my epilepsy diagnosis. I was willing to try anything at that point. But when I finally decided the diet had no impact on my form of epilepsy, you can bet I went out for pie and never looked back.

My heart goes out to any of you who have had to diet. I wouldn’t survive…I’m sure of it. Somebody better come up with a substitute for tomatoes that’s also not in the “night shade” category and quick! #loosingmygrip


3 thoughts on “I’m a “Clean Eating” Failure

  1. I haven’t eaten tomatoes in twenty years as they make me really ill. I am also vegetarian and you are right they are in nearly every recipe you come across. I have become a dab hand, over time, at leaving them out and replacing them with other ingredients. They tend an ingredient that makes the dish ‘wet’ so I usually end up adding stock or extra stock if it is already an ingredient. Sometimes tho I have to admit defeat and don’t bother cooking something as tomatoes are too important and ingredient in the dish!

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