Why I Shouldn’t Read the Comments


When will I learn? Yesterday, I read a post that appeared at the side of my News Feed in Facebook, you know, in that “Trending” section. I really shouldn’t read those…I think Facebook has devised a way to only send me “Trending” topics that just make me angry.

The topic of this particular “Trending” post that I read was divisive and controversial to begin with. But I think the part that saddened me the most (aside from the topic of the article itself) was the CALLOUSED COMMENTS that were under the post. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because the part of me that wants to change the world wouldn’t stop writing (in my head).

But I wasn’t thinking critical thoughts as much as I was trying to figure out a way to stop the madness.

I am always shocked by how calloused and venomous the people who comment in an open forum seem to be. They attack one another, and criticize, usually without merit or knowledge. Fortunately, Bloggers don’t seem to fall in this category. Blog Commenters are usually supportive and thoughtful. #BloggingLove

But the comments in the public forums like Facebook, or at the end of an online editorial are different.

I think it must be a game to some people to see how much they can stir the pot and get people riled up. It’s like they only comment to get a rise out of people. They AREN’T trying to help, they AREN’T trying to solve anything, they’re just pouring fuel on the fire. And the media is egging them on.

I wanted to join in the comments, not to try to add to the fire, but to try to voice compassion, but I resisted. I even typed out my comment, but didn’t hit “post.” I didn’t want their ire to be released on me.

I try to stay informed, and we talk to our kids about what’s going on in the world. But sometimes, I just can’t take anymore. #mediabreak

So while I was lying there praying and trying to get the thoughts out of my head so I could go to sleep, it occurred to me that all of those commenters, all of those haters, are just a SMALL PIECE of the global pie.

No matter what the media tells us, no matter how they try to divide and terrify, I have to remember that the rest of the pie is probably more like me than I realize.

I have to find peace in the fact that people are human and, for the most part, want what’s best for themselves and their families.

We aren’t so different from one another. But the commenters…they’re what’s different. THEY are thpumpkin-pie-520655_1920e oddballs. They are NOT the majority. They are NOT me and my neighbors, friends, and family. They are NOT you.

Thank goodness blogs don’t have those comments, at least not mine. Thanks for keeping it real…and for staying in the bigger piece of the pie.


7 thoughts on “Why I Shouldn’t Read the Comments

  1. There are definitely people that think it’s a game. Those people must be very bored and I’d like to send them all a Suduko book. Others, I think, feel a lack of empowerment in the real world and try and compensate for this on social media.

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  2. Reading Facebook comments gets me riled up. You would think teenagers would be the ones to argue pointlessly, but most of them are grown adults. I’m glad you remind us that these people are just a small piece. Thanks for shining a light on that!

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  3. We don’t see the ones who don’t post their comments (like you) or the ones who type it all out and then hit the backspace button (like me). That’s why we only see the “keyboard Cowboys” posts. The people who think they are big bad and ugly ONLY because they hide behind their keyboards.

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  4. I can only imafine what you were reading. Some things truely bother me as well,and i also wantt to comment but i donot join in BS .They really are just looking to get a rise out of people see hoe many more will join in a negetive manner or they want to argue annonomously since they dont have to see you face to fave whike showing their ignorence

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