I’m Bored…and my kids are tired of hearing it.


You read that right. Summer is in full swing and I’M BORED.

My kids are at the age where they would be perfectly happy, in fact they’d prefer it, if I left them alone to play on electronics for the entire day.

I don’t have to answer questions, deal with fighting, keep them occupied, because the internet will do that for them.

But OMG! I’M BORED! #boredmom

No one talks, no one communicates…silence.

But it’s summer! Shouldn’t they be outside playing? CORRECTION: Shouldn’t they WANT to be outside playing? Going to the pool? Going to the movies? Hanging out with friends?

What’s wrong with my kids?

Granted, I do have to work part time from home, but that’s only for 3 days a week for a few hours a day. That leaves empty weekends, two days a week where I don’t work, and 3 days that are free after 3pm.

But they don’t want to do ANYTHING except sit in front of the computer.

Getting them to make plans with a friend is like pulling teeth around here.

Now we’ve never been accused of being the over-scheduled family, by any sense of the word, but how about the “slightly” scheduled family. Can I get anyone interested?

I’ve got them scheduled where they have to read for 30 minutes a day (a novel, not a book with pictures – sorry, Manga and Diary of a Wimpy Kid don’t qualify), my daughter has to practice German for 30 minutes (so she’ll remember some of it when she starts German 3 in the Fall), and my son has a workbook of assorted math and writing assignments, and they even have to do something creative for 30 minutes. But add all that up and it only accounts for 90 minutes each day of structured time. Oh, and they also have daily chores, but again, that only adds maybe another 30 minutes tops.

I’m stumped. I’ve never had a summer like this before. They don’t even talk to each other. I’ve failed, and there’s still half the summer left.

Please tell me I’m not alone. I know this is a “whole new generation” and “I don’t understand,” but I do understand BOREDOM and laziness and trust me, we’re there.

Should I leave them alone? Is this just what the “new generation” does for entertainment? For my generation, it was video games that were our kryptonite. Maybe this is as good as it gets for them. Maybe this is enough. Maybe I need to mount the computer to a treadmill…at least they’d move around.


7 thoughts on “I’m Bored…and my kids are tired of hearing it.

  1. We have a lot of the same going on around here. It’s exasperating for sure. We’re detoxing from our technology for a week cause I am just so over it…but that brings on other issues as well. My kids are 8 & 7, so I still have a little control…but I hear ya. It IS a whole new world and I’m trying to figure out how to navigate it all. Good luck!

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  2. Lisa, you’re not alone! My kids don’t have a ton of electronics yet. But my youngest earned the money for an iPod, and it’s changed the dynamics around here. I give him boundaries. He only gets 30 minutes a day on it, and that’s after he’s done his math/writing review work, and certain other things around the house. If he wants more time, he has to play outside for two hours. My older guy (13) doesn’t have his own iPod yet, but he has the opportunity to have 30 minutes a day on the Wii or a computer game. But again, he has to earn more time. My boys are both avid readers, so I don’t let them read for more screen time. But, I have friends who use that to encourage their kids to read more. Kind of twisted, isn’t it?

    We’re still figuring out the life of screens too. I hope you’ll share anything you learn. 🙂

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