Are We Teaching Responsibility?


Is posting assignments on teacher websites helping our kids?

I recently had a chat with another mom regarding teachers and their websites/blogs.

It was her opinion that a teacher should be required to post her weekly curriculum on her teacher website to keep her updated of her child’s weekly (even daily) progress.

I have mixed emotions about this. I’m not a teacher, but I have many friends who are, and let me say that I’m thankful that they’re doing what I don’t have the temperament to do. #thanksteachers

On one hand, it seems perfectly logical to be abreast of your child’s education. But are we really helping our children become responsible human beings by staying on top of their every move?

I understand it’s different in elementary school. There’s still lots of parent-classroom involvement, for those whose schedule avails them to do so. And at that stage in the game, I understand the need to stay on top of how your child is progressing. But should the teachers be expected to post their assignments daily or weekly?

In our area, the kids have “Agendas” that they are supposed to fill out each night with their assignments, and the parents are suppose to initial said Agenda each night, and the teachers are supposed to initial them as well. Yeah…that happened for about the first two weeks of school – on both the parent and the teacher’s part. Heck, I’m not even sure where my 4th grader’s Agenda is! Probably wadded up in the back of his desk like most of the other students.

I also understand that there will always be exceptions to the rule: some children just need more supervision, for whatever reason. I’m not faulting them for that at all, so please don’t take it that way.

But I think at some point, we need to let teachers teach and students learn. Part of that “learning” should be responsibility. #responsiblekids

We didn’t have emails, and websites, and agendas when I was young (wow, I just sounded old there), and somehow we managed to get through school. If we weren’t doing well, or were falling behind, a note was sent home and a conference was made. And these were classes of 30-32 kids, by the way.

I feel for the woman that I was having this conversation with, and wonder how she will handle it when her kids get middle school and high school. I wonder how she’s going to track down all six (or more) of her kid’s teachers every week to get their assignments.

It’s hard letting our kids “fail” (figuratively, not grade-wise), but sometimes they need to before they figure out that they need to take responsibility for their own future and for themselves. I don’t expect the teacher to follow my kids around and make sure they do their homework. That’s my job and, at some point, if I do my job right, my kid’s job.

I want to give my kids every advantage I can. But sometimes that advantage has to come from within. Sometimes they have to figure it out for themselves. And it seems the older they get, the more this is true. They don’t listen to my advice a lot of the time anyways. They’re tween and teenaged, so I expect some push back. It’s how they figure things out.

What do you think? Am I cheating my children by not staying on top of them? Am I delusional in expecting them to be partially responsible for their own actions and their future?


3 thoughts on “Are We Teaching Responsibility?

  1. Love this. I’m totally in agreement with you here. They need to learn to take responsibility at some point. And I have teacher friends too, they sure as hell don’t need more crap on their plate than they already have!

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