How Eating Clean Ruined Fast Food


Due to some health issues, my husband recently changed his diet, and he’s now eating “clean.” 

Being a red meat loving, cookie eating, juice drinking family, I decided that the ONLY way this was going to work, without having to make two separate meals every night, was to join him on this adventure. But only with the agreement that the rest of us could “cheat” now and then. I mean…Toll House Cookie Dough? Some things are sacred…and necessary!

His diet is sort of a vegetarian-paleo hybrid: no red meat; chicken, lamb or fish (which he hates) twice a week; brown rice and whole wheat or veggie pasta; no processed food, or sugar; and lots and lots of veggies. Oh, and no “night-shades” which means no tomatoes. No tomatoes! That’s the base for almost every sauce and soup and stew that I make! It’s a staple in our house.

It’s been a learning process to say the least. I’m cooking a lot of new things, and all of my “go to” dinners are gone. Thank You, by the way, to all the Foodie Bloggers for all of your vegetarian recipes without which, I’d be lost.

What I didn’t expect, however, is that all this fresh food would RUIN fast food for me.

I’m not a Super-Size-That type of gal, but I do, on occasion, enjoy the speed and convenience the drive-thru has to offer, not to mention the night off from cooking.

But now I can’t eat fast food!

It’s not like I’m expecting gourmet or anything, but I wasn’t prepared for the change in my pallet. It’s like my taste buds woke up from the stooper that I didn’t even know they were in. Even the kids noticed it!

Now, trust me, I am hardly the granola-loving hipster that some of my friends are, and until Nabisco makes a “green” Toll House Cookie Dough, I probably won’t be dumping ALL of the unhealthy foods from my pantry. But sometimes necessity leads us to a different lifestyle. Never say never.

As a side note, and I’m not endorsing this in any way, my husband’s health issue is a life-long battle with plaque psoriasis and no medications have ever helped. We ran across the Dr. Pagano Diet for Psoriasis and figured why not give it a try. It’s starting to help, though the diet does say it can take months to show any signs of improvement. Just thought I’d pass the information along.


12 thoughts on “How Eating Clean Ruined Fast Food

  1. I know what you husband got a stint put in his heart about 6 months ago and we have worked on changing our eating happits..not real drasticly but eating chicken veggies every night fish in there too..cut back on red meat although we do have a steak now and tgen…..but we were just saying how this change has ruined fast food..we cheat and get a burger and its just not fact it dont taste good at guess tgats a good thing

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  2. Simply losing weight, and the associated decrease in junk required to achieve it, changed my digestive system. I still love Culver’s but it gives me an unhappy stomach every time now.

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  3. My husband also had to change his diet and I joined in on it too. I know what you mean about not being able to tolerate the fast food any more. My taste buds changed and processed foods taste weird to me now, which is good I guess. The hardest part was giving up sugar, (I haven’t totally given it up) but I prefer homemade cookies now over sleeves of Oreo’s. I can’t eat my beloved Oreo’s anymore, they taste weird now too. I just shop the perimeter of the grocery store now.

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    • I can’t part with my tub of Toll House cookie dough! LOL I found a recipe for sugar free oatmeal raisin cookies for my husband (made with bananas). They’re good…but not the same without the sugar 😦 Thanks for stopping by!

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      • You’re right not the same at all! I keep a tub of home made chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge for whenever I get a craving for cookies, which is basically always!

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  4. As a guy who also lives with psoriasis, I think it’s awesome that you are joining your husband on this journey. And I can relate to the challenge posed by trying to eliminate the fast food and processed foods that help you actually feed the family when you are on the run. I hope your family continues to benefit from healthy eating. And don’t feel too bad about the occasional indulgence. This week mine was a couple of those 2 bite cinnamon rolls to celebrate Mothers Day with my wife!

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