You Never Know Who Is Watching


Rejection – it’s something a writer experiences a lot. It isn’t fun, and I’m not sure it ever gets any easier. You begin to question your own talent, and wonder if it’s all a waste of time.

We’ve all been there.

There are days when I’ve taken time away from my kids, my family, to just get a few chapters out while they’re still in my head. I feel guilty, I feel lonely, and I feel like it’s going nowhere. And who knows…maybe I’m right.

But a few months ago I started noticing something. There’s a bigger picture to being a writer than just putting words on a page.

Yes, my vocabulary has grown, my ability to focus has gotten better, but there’s something else.

My children are writing…not because they have to for some school assignment, but because they WANT to.

My daughter spends a lot of her time drawing, but she also develops a back story for whatever character she’s drawing. It’s a well-thought, well-executed character back story, and she writes it down. Sometimes there’s even a short storyline that goes along with the drawing.

My son, though not as much, has also started to write. His reports or short stories for school are always well-developed.

You may be influencing the adults around you as well.

The reason I started to actually write novels was because one of my son’s friend’s mom was a freelance writer. I had always written short stories, greeting cards, and poetry, but never really thought I had it in me to write a whole novel until I saw, first hand, someone else making a living with their writing.

We already know how encouraging the blogging community is to one another.

So even though I may never be published, I mean, really, the odds aren’t in my favor, maybe I’m writing for the next generation. Maybe I’m writing, not only because I love to, but because there is a bigger plan that I’m not aware of.

So keep writing, no matter how frustrated you get, because you never really know who you are impacting.


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