Parenting is Hard


Sometimes “acting like a parent” really sucks.

It began when they were toddlers and I had to deal with tantrums. Experts tell you to “choose your battles.” If only the toddler would listen to the experts.

Turning off the video games when my 8 year old has played way too long doesn’t make me very popular either.

As my kids are getting into their teen years, “Parental Guidance” gets to be a much more grey area.

Punishment and discipline, a lot of times, are based on principles. It’s not an easy fix because it’s not an easy explanation. Don’t touch the stove because it will burn you becomes don’t hang around with those kids because they’re a bad influence.

Navigating the murky waters of the teen years is messy and ugly, and I don’t make a lot of friends.

There’s a lot of “You don’t understand!” and “Why don’t you trust me?!” that I have to listen to.

I want to tell them I know because I’ve been there. But this falls on deaf ears, and sometimes they don’t need to know the gory details of my past anyways.

No matter how much I appeal to their senses, they will stick to their guns. They will go down fighting. In a sense, they’re fighting for their own principles.

As a parent, there is no winning…only loving.

They won’t understand, perhaps not for years that what I’m doing is truly for their own good. I can see around corners and through doors…they can’t, or choose not to.

All I can do is love them through it, and hope that I haven’t screwed up too badly.

It’s in these times that I pray for God’s wisdom and don’t rely on my own.

After all, God’s wisdom is the only Parenting Manual I have.


2 thoughts on “Parenting is Hard

  1. “There is no winning…only loving.” This is so true! It’s the one of the few truths that keep me going when I’ve messed up at “acting like a parent”. My mother told me long ago…”Leave something for God to do.” So, I do my best and trust that He’ll fill in the gaps:)

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