Living with Regrets


If you really had your life to live over, what would you change?

We all have those moments when we think, “If only… (fill in the blank here)”

Would you make the same choices? Would you choose a different path? Would you say “yes” when you should have said “no”? Maybe, maybe not. But either way, you’ve probably grown and learned more about yourself and others had you not made those decisions.

Would you do that thing that set off a string of bad luck and bad choices? Would you take it back? What if you found out an even worse consequence would have happened had you not made that first unwise choice? Now would you take it back?

Think about the circumstances of your life. Maybe you’ve had a tough life, maybe you’re in the midst of it right now. But maybe you have to go through it to get to the other side.

I’m not a “Suzy Sunshine” by any means. I’ve had my own struggles, and made some bad choices along the way, some were my own doing, and some were circumstantial.

But I believe we are the sum of our parts…regrets and triumphs. For better or worse, our experiences shape who we are. They make us more compassionate to others going through similar circumstances. When we pay attention, the outcomes usually make us better people…stronger people…more forgiving people.

And if we really pay attention, we can be more loving people too.

I believe our road is meant to be bumpy, with detours and u-turns along the way. It’s not a straight path. That would be boring…mind numbing even. And lonely. It’s about the scenery along the way. And ultimately, it’s about a life well-lived.

But then again, I’m someone who believes smile lines are beautiful, and grey hairs are earned. And I believe that everything is Divinely orchestrated.

So maybe I am a “Suzy Sunshine” after all.


2 thoughts on “Living with Regrets

  1. Lisa, I couldn’t agree with you more. We are the sum of our parts. I heard a line in a movie that talked about life being the messy parts. And it is, isn’t it? We grow and learn and change and deepen as people as we work through regrets and lessons from mistakes.

    Lovely post today!

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