Prepared for Spring Break – UPDATE



If you aren’t fortunate enough to travel for spring break, it can be a long, long week at home with kids.

The arguments have already begun at my house. So has the begging and bargaining for more computer time.

Left to their own accord, I think my kids would easily spend from sun up until sun down parked in front of one piece of technology or another. Unfortunately for them, I spent last week searching for creative alternatives.

We spent Sunday at the craft store and home improvement store buying an arsenal of supplies for activities.

P1000467For my daughter, we bought felt so she could make her highly sought after anime-style plushies.

For my son, we bought craft sticks and glue to make catapults. We also bought pipe insulation and duct tape to make marble roller coasters. He’s already made one roller coaster that included a bank turn and a loop that extended the length of the staircase. Best part is the materials can be used over and over again.

Hopefully they will hold their interest for more than the first two days, at least until it gets warm enough to enjoy the outdoors.

If not, there’s always spring cleaning. Just kidding…sort of.

Here’s hoping you enjoy your spring break!

Please feel free to leave any other creative suggestions for activities that we can all use.

UPDATE – The roller coaster idea lasted all of two days! My daughter hasn’t even picked up her sewing needle! And any time I get near the computer, they circle me like vultures waiting for their prey to die.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave any creative suggestions to help me retrieve my sanity!


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