Remembering to Compliment Your Kids


Some days feel like a never ending disciplinary montage.

I hear myself saying “no” more times than I can count: “no more computer,” “no candy before dinner,” “no, you can’t text your friend anymore today,” “no,” “no,” “NO!”

It can be hard to catch them doing something good, because, let’s face it, some days we’re so “on alert” for keeping peace and order, that the good things just get swept aside, going unnoticed.

I hate when that happens.

I’ve heard my daughter mention a few times that her friends say she’s a good singer. But since she always has her ear buds in, I never hear her sing out loud. I need to make a point to affirm what her friends say. I know she needs that affirmation from me, whether she’s willing to admit it or not. Her dad and I should be her biggest fans.

My son is always telling me about what accomplishment he made on Minecraft. I find myself nodding and not really listening, perhaps because to me, it doesn’t seem like a “real” accomplishment. But I have to remember that in his 10 year old world, Minecraft accomplishments are everything to him, so they should be meaningful to me too.

When they remember to do their chores, or get off the computer when they’re supposed to, or finish their homework before they ask to do something social, I need to remember to acknowledge those moments.

Not in a false way, not in a way that says “you’re the most amazing child ever,” but in a real, “hey, I’m proud of you for making the right choice,” sort of way.

So I’m going to try to catch my kids in the little things that they do well, and hand out more “good jobs.”

I want them to know that their dad and I are their biggest fans…ALWAYS.


2 thoughts on “Remembering to Compliment Your Kids

  1. Acknowledging our children is so very important. They do need to know the good things they do. Great post. Great reminder to us all…not only is saying well done to our kids is important, but to say that to others. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  2. Love this..its so son sings outloud all the time,my other is in drama..i actually do tell them all the time how good i think they are and say thank you when they do things they werent asked to do and when they are. .

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