When Kids Play Together


Shhh…nobody move – the kids are playing…TOGETHER!

It’s like seeing a unicorn and Big Foot frolicking in the woods. You know they exist, but no one can really prove it.

It happens every great once in a while; they put down the game controllers, the kindle, step away from the computer, and will suddenly and without any cause, play together. I use the word “play” even though my 13 year old would never admit to playing with her little brother. Because if you point it out, the moment of unbridled youthful joy will be gone.

So, no one make a move. Just let them actually have fun together, even if it only lasts a few minutes.

I’m posted on the couch in the other room, afraid to move, for fear of disturbing this amazing anomaly. Don’t want to make a sound that would distract the older one sending the peace into a cacophony of pleas of desperation from the younger one: “Please don’t leave!” turns to “You’re so mean!” and then finally “I don’t want to play with you anymore!”

So I’ll stay here on the couch while the unicorn and Big Foot frolic in the woods a little while longer. If they don’t realize they don’t usually play together, far be it from me to remind them.

But don’t expect any photographic evidence. These things rarely show up on film.


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