Snow Days and Dungeons

rpg-468917_1280Living with nerds, there has always been a bit of a divide when it comes to playing board games with my family.

For me, I like games that resolve easily and quickly, that don’t take a whole lot of planning and forethought. It’s the way I was raised. Growing up, I played a lot of “Sorry,” “Rummy,” “Uno,” and the occasional game of “Monopoly” would sneak in, but we’d never be able to finish it.

My husband was raised on “Risk,” “Clue,” “Axis & Allies,” “Talisman,” and, of course, “Dungeons and Dragons.”  What I affectionately refer to as “Nerd Games.”

His games required planning, charting, and scenario writing. Some marathon games would last hours and hours, with very few breaks for the essentials of life. True, “Sorry” and “Rummy” required a bit of planning too, but not near as much concentration and focus or the time investment.

We’re stuck at home today with a combination of holiday, snow day and the car broke down…triple threat.

While I’m working on my novel, my husband and the kids are sitting at the dining room table playing D&D. It’s creative, and it got them away from the computer, and they’re using they’re imaginations.

My husband has even tried to include me in the game, making a magical item called the “Pendant of Nagging” that causes him to lose points whenever I clear my throat or sigh, or make any noise. Ahhh…he’s so thoughtful.

Most important lesson…he’s a good Dad. He’s passing on a tradition from his childhood (and, truth be known, from a little of his adulthood too), teaching the kids some skills that require memory and strategy, and best of all…they’re having a BLAST!

By the way, for those of you familiar with the game, the kids have added Sponge Bob and Patrick to their cast of side characters, a super vulture that pecks people’s eyes out, and a magic flute that plays nothing but Jethro Tull. Although my husband is getting a little frustrated with the silliness of how many cartoon characters have found their way into the Dungeon.

When they’re ready to play “Sorry” or “Uno,” I’ll be first in line. But for now, let the nerds play on!


5 thoughts on “Snow Days and Dungeons

  1. Authors card game and sometimes Monopoly. Scrabble is our game of choice these days. I also have versions in German and in French, but we play in English. Also an occasional Uno game. The art of board games with the family encourages conversations as well as imagination. This is a great post. Happy writing to you!

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  2. Ahh this is so amazing! Although I’ve never played D&D myself, it’s one that my husband grew up playing. I can’t wait until my kiddos are old enough so we can do this as a family as well. Sounds like fun! Even with all the added cartoon characters, haha 💖

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