Thank You Foodies


I want to give a shout out to all of those with cooking blogs and websites. Without you, my pockets would be empty, and my belly would be hungry.

Two of my favorite sites are BudgetBites and DamnDelicious. They’re recipes are both budget friendly and tasty.

We’ve been working really hard on the budget lately and keeping food costs down.

I’ve watched “Extreme Couponing” and, though it’s inspiring, it isn’t realistic for me. Couponing doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried. But I don’t have the time or the means to put in that kind of effort either.

I don’t drive, so my husband and I do the grocery shopping together. He works 40+ hours a week, which affords us 1 day to shop (usually Saturday or Sunday), and I’m not about to make him run to 10 different stores to hit ALL of the bargains.

We get 1 hour and 1 store. End of discussion.

I’m learning to cook with staples (canned beans, rice, pasta, veggies and one, maybe two, meat choices for the week). It’s hard. And not being much of a cook, I couldn’t do it without my favorite food bloggers. So thank you for doing the leg work for me.

Some of my favorite staples to keep in the pantry are: beans (all varieties), diced tomatoes, bouillon, rice or quinoa, pasta, pancake mix (the kind that only needs water), cream of mushroom soup, and a can of tuna or chicken (for emergencies).

Those ingredients will keep us fed for several meals. Granted, we don’t have any food sensitivities (except peanuts, which are easily avoidable), so I know this list wouldn’t work for those of you with gluten intolerance, etc.

I’m sure you all have your own “staples” and “go to” ingredients.

What kinds of blogs or websites keep your life running smoother?


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