I Didn’t Actually Fail

success-620300_1280Mom Guilt.

If you’re a mom, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that nagging feeling that you’ve failed, that you haven’t reached the pinnacle that the other super mom’s do.

My son’s birthday was two weeks ago. Being a January birthday and following Christmas is hard enough, but add to that having limited party options because of inclement weather and planning a giant festivity gets difficult.

We’ve never been a family that has extravagant, blow out the walls birthdays. Usually we have smaller, intimate gatherings, numbering under about 10 kids. That, and I really can’t afford the $500 Birthday Extravaganza.

This year was extra “special.” I tried to convince my son to have a small family dinner and suggested we try the Half-Birthday thing that I know a lot of December birthday kids do, and he could have a bigger party come Spring or Summer and do something outdoors for a change. But he really wanted his party on his birthday. I get it.

The Blizzard had other plans. So the evening of his birthday, we sat at home, with a homemade cake, and had to reschedule the party.

The following week on the morning of the rescheduled party, I opened the cover to the second cake I’d made, and the icing had melted across the cake, and was dripping down the sides. It was 9:30am and the party was at 11:00am. So my poor son had to settle for a store bought cake that was decorated with generic balloons, and they quickly wrote his name on the top. Tragedy averted.

He and his four friends went to a video game themed venue. The kids had the whole place to themselves, which was kind of cool, but the staff really didn’t help with much, and didn’t seem very enthused to be there. We won’t be going back.

I felt horrible. Internally, I beat myself up over the whole fiasco. But then, when we got home, my son turned to me and said, “That was so fun!”

I was shocked. “Really?”

“Yes! We all got to play Minecraft and Roblox in the same room together! It was great! And with all of my best friends!”

My lesson? Just like us grownups, it isn’t about how many people you have around you, it’s about the quality of the ones you keep close. He gets it. At 10 years old…he gets it! I must have done something right.

Now, what to do with that second cake with the melted frosting?

Have you ever let your own feelings of failure get in the way of seeing the success in front of you?


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