Mom’s Dream List

bubble-19329_1920I was day dreaming yesterday and started thinking what it would be like to have a chauffeur. I don’t drive, due to medical reasons, and there are many days that I REALLY just want to get out and go somewhere…ANYWHERE. So if I had the money, I would definitely want a chauffeur.

I can only imagine the convenience that would come back to my life. It would be LIBERATING!

There are lots of “jobs” we wish we didn’t have to do, or don’t have the time to do. Things like cook, do laundry, arrange appointments, plan meals, grocery shop, wash dishes…the menial tasks that steal time away from our day. The list is endless.

The dream list would also vary depending if you’re a SAHM, a Working out-of-the-home Mom, or are child free.

So I’m making this post a survey, of sorts. Help me out.

What’s your dream service? What would you pay someone to do, so that you wouldn’t have to? (Please keep it clean LOL)

Also, mention if you’re a SAHM, Working Mom, or Child Free.

Thanks for your participation and I hope you have fun dreaming.


2 thoughts on “Mom’s Dream List

  1. Oooh, I loved this “survey.” Imagine if I could have someone else do something I hated in my day! I would have someone clean my house. I know, I know, I could hire someone. But I’m a (currently) nonworking SAHM and it just doesn’t make financial sense for me to hire a cleaner. Besides, I have terrible OCD and I like things cleaned MY WAY. It’s crazy. But that would be my fantasy. Just to have someone else worry about the clutter, the sticky countertops after breakfast, the laundry, the dog fur accumulating on the staircase, the dust on the bureau in my bedroom. Thanks for this post.

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