Trapped by Jonas

snow-653953_1280Moms and Dads from the Mid-Atlantic to northern East Coast are feeling it…TRAPPED!

Winter storm Jonas, or as my area calls it “The Blizzard of 2016,” has made his presence known. My kids have been home from school since last Friday, the day before the storm really hit!

They’ve run out of ways to entertain themselves, and I’ve run out of patience. I know, I’m the mom, I’m not allowed to run out of patience. But the walls are closing in.

With one kid home sick, we haven’t been able to really play in the snow, so it’s been sort of a bust. Mix that up with the fact that we live in a neighborhood where there are no kids the same age as mine, and add to it that our roads are still barely plowed, and we’re a one car family (my husband has the car) so we can’t really get anywhere…well, you get the picture.

My kids are past the age when I could plop them down in front of a movie, or break out the craft box, although my son was so bored yesterday that he cut apart a box and made a robot head. And I did catch them watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse just to make fun of it.

I do still have Playdoh in a cupboard in the basement (if it hasn’t dried out)…I may try pulling that out. You’re never too old for Playdoh, right? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I’ve suggested to them read a book (but they’ve read everything they have and the library is closed), write a story, draw a picture…but they’ve exhausted every possibility.

So we wait…for the snow to melt, and hope there isn’t more on the way.

How have you entertained your kids (and yourself) while you’re trapped by Jonas?


5 thoughts on “Trapped by Jonas

  1. Being a mom wtih house-bound kids can be crazy-making! We’re bracing for the next big storm—Kayla or something. We don’t know how badly it will hit us, but I know we’ll have to get through it. There are other situations that will make any time the kids have home from school . . . Challenging. But, we’re the moms, we figure it out, right?

    I hope your sick kiddo is feeling better, and from mom-to-mom, you get a break soon.

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