It’s Only A Season

crocus-95093_1280Just a few days into the New Year, and I find myself repeating over and over, “It’s only a season, it’s only a season.”

The end of 2015 brought its share of unexpected and unfortunate events, and I feel I’m being stretched and pulled in many directions. Ultimately, I know it’s all part of a bigger, grander plan. I know I am not the Conductor of this orchestra right now. Some things are beyond my control, and that’s a struggle for me…sometimes a daily one.

It seems obstacles are around every corner. I know God is trying to get my attention, and I feel myself running, even though I know better. I need to rest in His grace, stop running, or at the very least change my direction.

“It’s only a season, it’s only a season,” I say again.

I think a lot of people go through a similar thing this time of the year. With the letdown after holiday festivities, and expectations of a fresh year ahead, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Sometimes we need to just “be.”

Struggling to stay afloat gets in the way of what I really need to do, of what I really need to learn.

You know how people say that bad things happen in 3’s? Well, we’re way past our “3” over here, and I feel like a sitting duck just waiting for the next thing to come along. I can’t swerve, or dodge, or get out of the way. Things just keep hitting me right upside the head.

It’s only a season, it’s only a season.

Seasons pass with time and they don’t last forever. I just have to remember that new life is just on the other side of the frost.

How do you cope with bad seasons? Do you run, hibernate, thrive? Is it hard for you to “let go”? Who do you lean on most when you can’t stand on your own?


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